Nothing Is Impossible with God

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 23 - People God Used

TEXT: Judges 13:1-5, 24; 16:18-30

Have you ever tried to jump over a really high fence? You found it impossible, didn't you? There are many things in life that are impossible for all of us but there is Someone who can do the impossible. It is God! Sometimes He uses men and women to do impossible things for Him.

Many years ago the people of Israel found that they needed God's help. The Philistines had treated them very badly for forty years. It was impossible for them to free themselves. God sent help in a very unusual way.

There was a man of Israel, named Manoah. He and his wife had no children. God sent an angel to tell them that He would give them a son. But there were special instructions for the child. He was to have a very special diet and he was never to have his hair cut. When the child grew up, God would work through him to free the Children of Israel. When the baby was born, his parents named him Samson.

As Samson grew older, God's Spirit made him very strong. With his bare hands he killed a lion, and another time he destroyed a thousand enemies with the jawbone of a donkey.

But one day Samson made a very bad mistake. He told the secret of his great strength to one of the Philistine women. Her name was Delilah. He let her know that if his hair was cut he would lose his strength.

Delilah told Samson's secret to the Philistines, and while Samson was asleep she had them cut off his hair. What a terrible thing to do! Because Samson didn't do the right thing, God's Spirit left him. Samson's strength was gone. The Philistines put him into prison, and put his eyes out. How awful! Don't you think Samson was sorry he had told his secret?

Time went by. One day the Philistines had a great feast. They called for Samson because they wanted to make fun of him. But God was ready to use Samson again.

They brought Samson into the great hall where the feast was going on. Samson asked to be led to the two huge pillars which held up the building. He prayed to God for strength to stop the wicked men and women who were very mean to the Children of Israel. Then, with all his might, he pushed over the pillars. With a thunderous crash, the building fell, destroying all the Philistines.

God had helped Samson do the impossible! If we do the right thing, God can use us too.


The story of the amazing strength of Samson is one which captures the imagination of children. Your child will learn how God was able to use Samson to destroy the enemies of His people.

As you review the lesson with your child, explain that God gives strength to His people in this day too. Study the memory verse together. God may not give phenomenal physical strength such as Samson had, but He will give spiritual strength which will make one usable for Him.

Let your child make a paper chain from eight strips of paper to represent the chains that bound Samson. On each strip of paper, have him write one of the words from the memory verse. Then assemble the chain in the proper order.