God's Promise

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 21 - God Keeps His Promises

TEXT: Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7; Matthew 1:21-23

Many years ago God asked a man named Isaiah, "Whom shall I send? Who will go?"

God wanted Isaiah to be His helper. Isaiah felt unworthy when he thought about how great and holy God is. But he answered, "Here am I; send me."

From that time on, Isaiah gave God's words to the people. He even told four different kings what God wanted them to hear!

When Ahaz was king of Judah, some other kings wanted to have a war with him. God sent Isaiah to tell the people not to worry—He would take care of them.

God also sent the people a wonderful promise. He said that someday a special Baby would be born. The Baby would be called Immanuel. But He would be known by other names also: Wonderful, Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, and many more. He would be a Savior to the people. That means He would save them from their sins and protect them.

Isaiah loved God and was happy to be His messenger. He did as God said, and told the people that someday this special Child would come. He knew God would keep His promise. God's promise was written down, and now we can read it in our Bible.

Many years later, long after Isaiah had died, God's promise did come true. Jesus was born just as Isaiah had said so many years before. And Jesus is known as Wonderful, Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, and many more good names.

Just as He had said, God chose a special young woman to be the mother of Jesus. Her name was Mary. She was a part of God's promise.

Every year, at Christmas time, we celebrate Jesus' birthday. It is an important day to us because Jesus is our Savior. And if we love Him, someday we will live with Him in Heaven.

Aren't you glad God keeps His promises?


As your primary-age child continues his schooling and begins to learn many of the theories and suppositions of man, it is vital that he also learn there are some things that can be absolutely relied upon. With that thought in mind, we begin a five-part series of lessons on God's promises.

To reinforce the basic principle to be taught in this set of lessons, help your child design and create a "Promise Banner." Cut a banner shape from felt, and draw out a simple, bold design featuring the words, "God Keeps His Promises." Using fabric scraps, bits of trim, and glue, fill in the letters and decorate the banner.

Put up the banner where it can be noticed and commented on often throughout the month.