Headed for Trouble

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 17 - God Tells Us How to Live

TEXT: Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:1-3; Titus 3:1; Hebrews 13:17

Tom and Joey were in a big hurry. They quickly loaded their backpacks, jumped onto their bikes, and pedaled off down the road toward the school where they were to meet for their Boy Scout hike.

Tom's mother called to them as they rode away, "Tom, remember what your father said. No shortcuts through the parking lots and be careful crossing streets."

Tom just smiled and waved to her.

When the boys came to the grocery store, Tom called out, "Come on, Joey! I'm going to take a shortcut right through this parking lot."

"But your mom just said not to," Joey shouted. He was also thinking of the Bike Safety class they had taken. "Tom, remember to watch out for cars! People in parking lots never look out for us."

Tom looked back at Joey with a big grin on his face. "Just watch me! I'm going so fast, they'll never know I was here."

Joey could still hear the voice of his father telling him to never be in such a hurry as to break the law. Nothing is that important.

"Look out, Tom!" Joey warned. Tom looked up just in time to swerve around a man who was walking to his car with a big bag of groceries in his arms.

"Hey, Kid, slow down!" the man yelled.

Tom just laughed and yelled back, "Take it easy, Old-timer."

By this time, Joey felt awful. He tried hard to catch up with Tom but it was useless. Joey breathed a prayer, "Please, Lord, help Tom. He's headed for trouble."

Joey rounded the corner just in time to see Tom up ahead, crossing a busy street. He wasn't even taking the time to look both ways before he crossed.

CRASH! Tom had ridden his bike right in front of a car.

"O Lord, please help Tom to be all right," prayed Joey. He jumped off his bike and ran over to Tom.

"Oh," moaned Tom, "Joey, I think my arm's broken."

"Hey, Kid, are you all right?" asked the driver of the car. "I didn't even see you until you drove that bike right in front of me. You need to be taught some safety laws!"

Tom groaned, "I know all the safety laws, I just wasn't taking the time to obey them. Now I wish I had. I also wish I had obeyed Mom!"


Honoring and obeying one's parents are two of the principal commands in God's Word given specifically for children. As we study this lesson, we will be trying to help your child understand why this command is so important.

To focus your child's attention on this subject, ask him to draw and color a picture of the people he should obey. When the picture is complete, and includes a colored background, help him make the picture into a puzzle. Have him paste the picture on a piece of cardboard or the back of a tablet. Then turn the picture over, and draw wavy lines dividing the picture into pieces. The pieces should all be about the same size. Cut on the lines to create the puzzle pieces.

Have your child assemble the puzzle for someone, and explain the picture he has created.