Telling the Wonderful News

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 16 - The Love of God

TEXT: Luke 2:8-20

The night sky was suddenly filled with a shining light! The shepherds on the hillside were afraid and wondered what was happening. Then an angel appeared before them. The angel spoke to them and said, "Don't be afraid. I have good news for you. A Savior has been born in Bethlehem. You will find the newborn Baby lying in a manger."

All at once the sky was filled with many angels. They were all praising and glorifying God. Their wonderful message was of peace to the people of the world. Oh, what a beautiful sight!

Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, the angels were gone and the sky was dark. The night was quiet again.

The shepherds looked at one another. Then they began to speak and say, "This is wonderful news. Let's go to Bethlehem at once. We must see the newborn Savior. Let's go now!"

They left the hillside and traveled to the town of Bethlehem. Very soon they found the stable where Mary and Joseph had stopped for the night. And there, lying in the manger, was Jesus. The shepherds were so happy. Many years ago God had promised to send a Savior. Now, at last, He was here. Jesus was born! And He was wrapped in special baby clothes just as the angel had told them.

Now that the shepherds had seen Baby Jesus they wanted everyone to know this good news. They left the stable and went about in the town of Bethlehem telling people that the Savior had been born. They were so excited. Everyone was amazed and filled with wonder at what the shepherds told them. This was wonderful news.

The shepherds told many people the news of Jesus' birth. Then they returned to the hillside where they had left their sheep. They were glorifying God because all that the angel had told them was true. Jesus had been born! They praised God because He had sent the promised Savior to the world. God had sent Jesus to earth and these shepherds had seen Him with their own eyes. What a thrilling night this had been. They would never forget it!


The angelic proclamation of the birth of a Savior was surely one of the most dramatic and colorful aspects of the Christmas story, and it is the subject of this lesson. As an activity this week, help your child make an angel napkin holder.

Have your child turn a paper plate upside down and draw an angel which reaches nearly to the top and bottom of the plate. Then have him cut away the top portion of the plate, by carefully cutting around the top half of the angel. Place this piece against the rim of a second paper plate. Punch holes around the bottom rim of both plates and use yarn to sew the plates together. (Wrap a bit of tape around one end of the yarn and use that end as a needle.)

If you wish, punch an additional hole at the top of the second paper plate (which is now the back of the holder) and loop a piece of yarn through it so that it can hang on a wall. Have your child fill the holder with napkins.