God Made It All

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 15 - Thankful for God's Creation

TEXT: Genesis 1:9-13, 20-25

Up until his eighth birthday Troy had lived in the big city. How different the sights and sounds around the farm were compared to the loud jangle-bang he was used to. It was so quiet and peaceful here.

When his family had first moved to the country, Troy had been sure he would be bored forever! He had missed having neighbor kids who lived close by. He had even missed being able to run to the corner store to spend his allowance. But now Troy didn't think he would ever be bored again. There was just too much to explore and enjoy here in the country!

It was early morning and Troy was sitting on the front steps when he heard Simba barking. He laughed as the golden-colored spaniel stumbled and bumped her nose while running to meet him. He had been thrilled when his dad brought this new puppy home. They hadn't been able to have any pets in their apartment in the city.

"C'mon, girl!" Troy said, getting up off the porch steps. "Let's go check out the garden. Dad says my pumpkins are almost ready to pick."

Troy and Simba raced across the green lawn, through the barnyard, and down the hill to the spot Dad had given him for his very own garden. It seemed like only yesterday he had planted those little seeds. Now there must be close to thirty pumpkins! Their round, orange shapes were scattered in the tangle of thick vines.

"They look really good, Simba," he said. "I think people will buy all of the ones I put out at our roadside stand. Thanksgiving is almost here, and they can't make a pumpkin pie without a pumpkin!"

Then Troy saw his dad coming out of the barn. He had just finished milking the cows. Troy and Simba ran back up the hill to meet him.

"Hey, Dad, will you be able to go down to the creek with me today?" he asked. ''You said we should go before all the trout were gone."

His dad laughed. "I think today would be just fine. We'll go after lunch. Do you think you'll have your chores finished by then?" he asked.

"Sure I will. Come on Simba, let's get busy," Troy called over his shoulder as he ran toward the house. Even with chores to do, he still liked the country.

Later that afternoon, Troy and his dad returned from the creek with their catch of fish. "Dad, I love our new home in the country. It was fun helping to plant our garden and watching it grow. The fishing is great! And being able to have a puppy of my very own is super," Troy said as he knelt down to give Simba a hug.

"I'm so thankful God made such a beautiful world."


An awareness of the beautiful world God has created for us to enjoy is something that should be developed in every child. As we study how God created the plants and animals, it is a good time to talk about how thankful we should be for these things He has provided for us.

Take your child on a nature walk around your own neighborhood. Count the number of animals, birds, and insects you see. (He may enjoy keeping a tally sheet as you walk.) Also point out all the different kinds of trees and plants.

Have him pick up two or three leaves to use for making leaf prints when you get home. To make leaf prints, fold thin white paper in half. Place the leaf, face down, inside the fold. Peel paper from a scrap of crayon, and run the side of the crayon over the top layer of paper, leaving an imprint of the leaf.