The Right Answer!

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 14 - God Always Answers Prayer

TEXT: Joshua 10:12-14; Luke 18:35-43

" ... So when Joshua told the sun to stand still, that's just what God made it do!" said Andy. "And it stayed that way for about one whole day!"

Beth listened closely to every word her brother was telling her. She had been thinking that God didn't always hear her prayers. But this story from the Bible was proof that God really did listen to her when she talked to Him. And Beth's prayers seemed so much simpler than Joshua's!

Just then Andy said to her, "Beth, don't ever be afraid to pray and ask God for anything. Remember, if it is good for us He will say yes."

A few days later their Aunt Sue told the family that the date for her wedding had been set. That very same night, as Beth knelt by her bed to pray, she thought about how God had answered Joshua's prayer. She wondered if God would also say yes to her prayer. I know God can't always say yes, she thought. But He knows when something we pray for is right for us and He lets it happen. Andy had said that God always answers our prayers in the way that is best for us.

Beth bowed her head and prayed. "Please, dear God, let me do something special for Aunt Sue at her wedding. Maybe I could give out the groom's cake or something like that. Amen."

Beth never even dreamed that she could be the flower girl! But just two weeks later Aunt Sue called her on the telephone. She asked, "Beth, do you think you would like to be the flower girl in my wedding?"

Beth squealed with delight, "Oh, Aunt Sue, I would love it! Oh, thank you for asking me!"

The big day finally came. Beth had never been in a wedding before and she wanted to do her very best. She looked down at the beautiful, pink dress she was wearing. There were so many ruffles and lots of pretty white lace. She thought this must be the most beautiful dress at the wedding—except Aunt Sue's dress, of course! She looked behind her at Aunt Sue. She looked so pretty in her long, lacy, white wedding dress! Beth was so excited!

There was a lady telling each of them when it was their turn to walk down the aisle. Suddenly, Beth felt a hand gently nudge her toward the aisle. It was her turn.

"Go!" the lady whispered, and Beth stepped out, her heart beating fast. She looked up toward Heaven and said, "Thank You, God." She was so happy He had answered her prayer with a yes.


This lesson gives two examples of times when God answered yes to a person's request. Read the Bible text together, being sure to explain any words your child may not understand.

To visually demonstrate the fact that even parents cannot always answer yes, tell your child that this week you are going to make three paper chains together - a Yes chain, a No chain, and a Wait chain.

Select three colors of construction paper and cut them into strips of equal length. Assign a color to each chain. Throughout the week, when your child asks for something, allow him to put one more link on one of the chains in accordance with your response. On Saturday, compare the three chains and review again the ways in which God answers our prayers.