Trouble for Joseph

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 13 - God's Plan for Joseph

TEXT: Genesis 39:1-6, 19-23

Not everyone was happy to see the pyramids of Egypt as they came into view. Joseph was now far away from his home. He knew that when they reached the marketplaces in Egypt he would be sold as a slave. Sadness filled his heart when he thought about what his brothers had done to him. Oh, how they must have hated him to sell their very own brother as a slave! He wondered what his father Jacob was feeling. He had loved Joseph as a favorite son. What story had his brothers told their father? Surely not the truth!

When they finally arrived in the land of Egypt, Joseph was sold as a slave. The man who bought him was named Potiphar. Potiphar was a very important man. He was the captain of the guards for the king of Egypt. There was much work to be done and Potiphar needed a person to help him.

Joseph was a good helper for Potiphar. He was faithful and honest. Everything he did turned out well. Potiphar liked Joseph very much. He could see that God blessed Joseph, so he made him the head man in his home. Potiphar was very happy that he had bought Joseph.

Then troubles began. One day Potiphar's wife got upset with Joseph. She told some lies about him to Potiphar to get Joseph into trouble. Potiphar believed his wife's story, and he became very angry with Joseph. He forgot all about what a good person Joseph was. Instead of listening to Joseph, he ordered him to be put into prison!

Joseph probably wondered why this had happened to him. But he knew God would take care of him. He hadn't done anything wrong. He had been a faithful servant and Potiphar should have believed him. But even though he was in prison he did not become mean and hateful. And even though he had been treated badly he still did what he knew was right. Joseph knew that God loved him and would always be with him.

While he was in prison, Joseph was good and helpful. The head jailer liked him and put him in charge of the other prisoners! They all did whatever Joseph told them to do. And everything they did turned out well. All of this happened because God was with Joseph.

Potiphar and his wife had tried to punish Joseph for something he didn't do. Sometimes Joseph must have wondered what would happen to him. But Joseph knew that God still loved him. He knew that God's plan was still working. God had not forgotten him. Someday Joseph would be free again.


In this lesson, we find Joseph working in Potiphar's house in Egypt. Potiphar's wife lied about Joseph and caused him to be put into prison. The important point to focus on with your child is that God was always with Joseph, even in all of these troubles.

What we want your child to realize is that God loves us, too, and will always watch over us if our trust is in Him. To reinforce this thought, cut a large double heart from a folded sheet of construction paper. When the two are folded together they make one heart hinged on the left.

Have your child print his own name on the front heart. Inside help him paste a picture or sticker of Jesus. Underneath he may print the words, "Jesus Is Always With Me."