Peace, Be Still

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 11 - God's Power Works Through Jesus

TEXT: Mark 4:35-41

Do you know what a weatherman's job is? He tells people what the weather is going to be like. He might tell you it is going to be sunny and hot. He might tell you it will snow. Or he might even tell you there is going to be a storm. But that is all a weatherman can do about the weather. He can't change it.

Have you ever wished you could change the weather? Did you ever try to stop the wind from blowing? Did it work? Of course not!

But the Bible tells us all about One who can change the weather. His name is Jesus.

One day Jesus was teaching on the shore of Galilee. A large group of people gathered to hear Him. It became so crowded on the shore that Jesus got into a ship. From the ship He taught many things to the people.

When evening came, Jesus told His disciples to take the ship to the other side of the sea. Jesus must have been very tired from His day of teaching the people. He went to the back part of the ship and went to sleep. His pillow must have felt very good to Him after such a busy day.

While Jesus was sleeping, a great storm came. The wind blew so hard that the waves began to beat against the sides of the ship. Soon the waves were so huge that the water began to fill the ship! The disciples were really afraid. They did not like that awful storm and the way the boat rocked and tossed. What if the boat were to sink! Finally, they went to awaken Jesus.

"Master, wake up! We might all die in this awful storm! Don't You care?" they cried to Jesus.

The first thing Jesus did when He awoke was to talk to the wind. He told it to stop blowing. Then He spoke to the sea and said, "Peace, be still." The wind stopped! The sea became calm again! The disciples were amazed that the wind and the sea would obey Jesus' voice. They were finding out new things about Jesus every day.

When everything was quiet again, Jesus turned to His disciples. He asked them why they had been afraid. Didn't they believe that He would take care of them? Jesus wanted the disciples to have faith in Him. I'm sure the disciples were happy to know that Jesus really cared for them.

Jesus is wonderful! He cares for us too, and is always with us. We don't ever have to be afraid.

Sometimes you might be afraid when there is a storm. But if that ever happens to you, just stop and ask Jesus to take care of you. He will! Even if the storm does not stop right away, Jesus will put a real peace in your heart. He will take the fear away. You can always trust Jesus.


After reading this story with your child, repeat the memory verse together. Use the following illustration to help your child visualize God's power over the elements.

Cut a long strip from blue construction paper and have your child accordion-pleat it and then release it while holding the two ends. Compare this to the waves in our lesson.

Jesus had the power to rebuke the wind and calm the waves. As you rehearse His words, "Peace, be still," have your child pull the strip of paper tight, showing how the waves immediately calmed at His command.