Goodbye, My Son

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 09 - God Uses Christian Mothers

TEXT: Luke 2:40-51; John 2:1-5

"How long will You be gone, Son?" Mary asked as she walked with Jesus to the edge of the dusty road near their home.

"For a while, Mother." Jesus hugged her gently. "But I'll be back to see you when I can."

"Do what You must do. My prayers will be with You, and God will take care of You." She touched His cheek lovingly and watched until Jesus had walked from her sight. Then she turned and went back into the house.

Oh, it's hard to see Him go, she thought as she picked up the dishes from the table where they had eaten. I wonder if every mother feels this way. It seems that it was only yesterday when the angel appeared to me and told me I had been chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. I will never forget what a feeling of awe came into my heart. But there was never any thought in my heart except to do what my God wanted me to do.

Mary stood gazing out the window as her mind went over events in the past. She remembered the night Jesus was born. How thankful she was that God had provided the quiet stable, just when she and Joseph had begun to think there was no place to go. And what a thrill it had been to hold that precious Baby in her arms for the very first time.

She thought about how carefully God had protected their child when His life was in danger from wicked King Herod. The family had needed to go to Egypt to hide. But in just a few years they were finally able to move to Nazareth, their home town.

In Nazareth they could live as the other families lived. Joseph worked as a carpenter. Mary did the things that needed to be done around their home and took care of the child Jesus. By now Jesus was no longer a tiny baby but a little boy. How wonderful it had been to watch Him grow and learn new things each day.

He had been such a loving Child through the years. Mary was thankful that God had helped her with the responsibility of teaching Him. How quickly and willingly He had learned! She had been so blessed to have Him in her home. And now the time had come for Him to go and do the special work that God, His Father in Heaven, had sent Him to do. She knew God had a special plan for Jesus, and she had encouraged her Son in every way that she could.

Mary moved toward the door and looked up into the sky. "The angel told me my Son would be great, and I believe it! O God, I know you will be with Him and lead Him where You want Him to go."


In your time together as a family, play a little game which will remind your children of the things mothers do.

Sit in a circle. The starting player mentions one thing Mother does for him, such as "cooks meals." The next player repeats that item, and then adds one to it. The third player must say both previously mentioned items, and then add one more. The game continues until players have to drop out because they cannot remember the order or cannot think of anything else to add.

A variation of this game is to name things we can do to honor our mothers; such as, obeying, loving, respecting, and helping.