Daniel Kept Praying

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 08 - Do What Is Right

TEXT: Daniel 6:1-23

Daniel watched the soldier post the law for all to read. Then he walked away thoughtfully. His faithful servant ran up behind him. He grabbed Daniel's arm and whispered, "O my master, what will you do? You always pray three times a day. But the new law now forbids it." Tears streaked down the old servant's cheeks. "You must stop praying for thirty days. Surely your God will understand."

"I cannot stop praying," Daniel replied. "The God I love and serve means more to me than any law written by man. I will do as I have always done. God is able to protect me."

Daniel went to his room and opened his window. Looking out toward the city of Jerusalem, he began to pray. He did this every morning, every noon, and every evening.

There were some men in the kingdom who didn't like Daniel. They were jealous because he was an important helper to the king. And these enemies were watching to see if Daniel would pray. They knew that he prayed at that window every day. They were the ones who had asked the king to write that new law. It was the only way they could catch Daniel doing something against the king's rules.

As soon as they saw that Daniel had broken the king's law, they hurried to the king. They told him, "Daniel has broken your law. We saw him praying to his God. He must be punished."

The king felt terrible. He loved Daniel and didn't want to hurt him. But the law could not be changed. He had to have Daniel punished exactly as the law said. So the king's guards threw Daniel into the lions' den, for that was the punishment the king had ordered.

All the lions looked at Daniel. They walked around him. But none of the lions tried to eat Daniel! God had performed a miracle! God's angel had shut the lions' mouths! Praises flowed from Daniel's heart. "O God, You have saved me once again. How I thank You!"

In the morning, the king got up very early and hurried to the lions' den. "Daniel," he called, his voice trembling, "was your God able to deliver you?" How happy he was when he heard Daniel's voice coming from the den. "O King, live forever. God shut the lions' mouths and they have not hurt me."

With joy the king commanded his men to take Daniel from the den. Then he made a new law saying that all the people of his kingdom should fear and honor the God of Daniel. He knew that the God who delivered Daniel from the power of the lions was the true and living God.


Read the story of Daniel with your family, and discuss how Daniel was obedient to God and did what he knew was right. Then tell your child the following stories and ask the following questions.

Jessica liked to play on the sidewalk in front of her home. Her mother told her she should never cross the street. One day Jessica's friend yelled, "Come on across, Jessica. Your mom won't care."

Will Jessica's mom care? What should Jessica do? What would you do?

All the boys and girls in the Sunday school class were making noise. The teacher asked them to be quiet, but only Shawn obeyed.

Was it OK for the boys and girls to make noise? Should Shawn have disobeyed the teacher? What would you do?