A Wonderful Place

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 01 - The Plan of Salvation

TEXT: Revelation 21:10-12,18-23; 22:1-2

God, our heavenly Father, has made a very special and wonderful place for the angels and for us. It is called Heaven, and it is way up above us in the sky. We can't see Heaven, but we know it's there because God said it is.

The Bible tells us that Heaven is made up of all kinds of beautiful things. It is a very big place, and it has a beautiful city in it. The city is long and high and wide. God made sure there will be room enough for everyone. He made it so beautiful because He loves us and wants us to be happy there. Inside the city, He built many big houses called mansions where those who love Jesus will live.

Around the city, there is a wall with twelve gates. God used many different colors of stones to make foundations for the wall. Some of the stones are like sparkling jewels, but they are much bigger than any we have ever seen. The gates are made of pearls. The streets are of gold so pure they look like clear glass. Can you imagine how shiny and pretty they must be?

Heaven is a wonderful place in which to live, and everyone there is always happy. God and Jesus are there with many of our friends and people we love. Because Jesus is there, it never gets dark. He is the Light of Heaven.

There is nothing in Heaven to make us sad. No one ever cries there because God has wiped away all our tears. No mean people live there because all the people have had their hearts washed clean. There is no sin in Heaven. No one ever gets sick or dies in Heaven. God never lets any of these things happen there. Heaven is a happy, happy place.

In Heaven there will be lots of children to play with, and grown-ups too. You will already know some of the people, and the rest of them will be new friends. You will like everyone there. The people will come from many different places around the world, and all of them love God. Everyone will be happy in Heaven where they can be with Him. God loves us so much He wants us to live there with Him forever! That is why He made Heaven.

Up in Heaven, God has a book called the Lamb's Book of Life. We can get our names in God's special Book by telling Him we love Him and that we are sorry for the naughty things we have done. Then He makes our hearts clean and writes our names in His Book. If our names are there, we will go to Heaven someday. Remember, He has a special place waiting just for you!


This week, spend some time talking about the wonders of Heaven with your child. Discuss some of the things that make him happy—his favorite colors, food, activities, etc. Explain that God says Heaven will be even more wonderful than the best we can imagine!

Encourage your child to make a collage representing what he thinks Heaven might look like. Provide greeting cards, scraps of shiny foil, wrapping paper, glitter, and gummed stars or stickers for him to use in assembling his creation. Help him letter the words across the top: "Heaven-I'm Going There!"