Telling a Friend

Answer for Students
Unit 10 - Getting Along with Others

TEXT: Acts 16:13-34; Mark 16:15; Luke 15:1; 24:47

Mia was glad Jesus helped her to share the Gospel.

Buzz! Buzz! The final sound of the bell rang through the school corridors. Doors flew open and there was a mad scramble as kids hurried to be first in the cafeteria line.

Mia walked slowly, keeping close to the wall and trying to stay out of the crush. This was the first day of school—a new school at that—and she was scared! She finally got into the cafeteria and found an empty place at one of the tables. She opened her sack lunch, unwrapped her sandwich, and bowed her head. When she looked up, she found several pairs of eyes staring at her. One of the girls asked, “What are you doing? Has your lunch got a bug on it or something?”

“I was just praying,” Mia replied nervously.

“Praying? What are you praying for?” she wanted to know.

“I was thanking God for my lunch,” Mia answered.

That started a string of questions that Mia tried to answer while she ate her sandwich. The girls, especially one named Kim, wanted to know everything about praying. This had never happened to her before and Mia found it difficult to answer them. Kim wanted to know why she prayed, how she prayed, what she prayed for, and why she should thank God for anything. Did He answer her prayers?

Mia told Kim and the other girls that she prayed because she knew God heard her and that He did answer her prayers.

“Give us an example,” Kim said.

“Well, for one thing, He saved me,” Mia replied, hoping that would end the conversation. Instead it just opened up a whole new set of questions from Kim. “Saved? Saved from what?” Kim wanted to know.

“Saved means that God took sin out of my life. We can’t get to Heaven without being saved,” Mia replied.

“Sin? You’re only my age, how did you sin?” Kim questioned.

Well, I used to lie to my folks and disobey them, and I was mean to my little sister. When I told God I was sorry for those things He forgave me and saved me.”

“Can anyone be saved?” Kim asked Mia as they left the cafeteria.

“Yes, anyone can be saved. All you have to do is tell God you’re sorry. Then He comes in and the devil goes out.” The other girls had drifted off, but Kim seemed to be really interested and continued with questions until it was time for classes again.

That night, at the dinner table, Mia told her family about the new school and about all of Kim’s questions. “Boy, was I scared,” she finished.

“Well, I’m glad you told her,” Grandpa said. “You know, when God saved you he gave you a job to do. He wants everyone who loves Him to work for Him. Do you remember that it tells us in the Bible that God gave the Apostles a commandment to go and preach the Gospel?”

“Sure, I remember, but that was for the Apostles. Besides, I don’t want to preach,” Mia laughed.

“Well,” Grandpa continued, “you did preach when you told your friend about Jesus. That’s all a preacher does. Everyone who is a Christian has a job to do, and that is to tell others about Jesus. How else will they ever know? You did the right thing today, Mia. Kim sounds as if she is interested. Why not ask her to come to Sunday school?”

“OK, I’ll ask her tomorrow.”

Two days later, Mia came rushing home, clearly upset. “Grandpa, you’ll never guess what happened! You remember that girl Kim I was telling you about? Well yesterday after school she was crossing the street near her home and a car hit her. The driver didn’t see her till too late.” The color drained from Mia’s face as she hesitated, and then continued, “She died last night in the hospital. Her mom called and told our teacher, and our teacher told us.”

Grandpa put his arm around Mia’s shoulder. “Oh, Honey, I’m so sorry,” he said quietly. “Aren’t you glad that you told her about praying? You never know. She might have prayed and asked God to save her. Not everyone you tell the Good News to will die so suddenly, but it is good to know that you told her.”

“Grandpa, when I asked her yesterday if she could come to Sunday school she said she’d try. She was really friendly. I was scared when she asked me all those questions, but I’m glad God helped me to answer them.”

* * * * *

This is a true story. Kim really did die on the second day of her fourth-grade year. But someone had cared enough to tell her about Jesus. Have you told someone lately what God has done for you?