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Fall Special Meetings Youth Activities

A fall trip to a pumpkin patch has been a tradition of our young people for many years, and this fall the outing was held on Saturday afternoon, October 9. As young people arrived at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, there were some clouds in the sky but the weather stayed dry for the outdoor activities. Some groups of friends headed straight to the popular corn maze while others went on hayrides or visited the animal barn, which housed cows, chickens, goats, as well as some other animals. The theme of the maze was “Bridgetown,” and an aerial view of the maze revealed a design that featured several of Portland’s bridges. Other attractions at The Pumpkin Patch included a market with fresh produce, a gift shop with souvenirs, and of course there were many different kinds of pumpkins for purchase.

In the evening, the young people met in the Fellowship Lodge for dinner and a youth focus session. The meal included hot nosh buns, which are similar to calzones, and there were three flavors to choose from: pepperoni, Hawaiian, and combination. There was also a garden salad and fruit salad, and for dessert there was a choice of an ice cream sundae, a root beer float, a creamsicle float, or a “purple cow” (ice cream with grape soda).

After dinner there was a time of singing some well-known praise and worship songs and at least one newer one. Next, everyone participated in a game led by Azaria Charles, which began by splitting the young people into small groups. Lyrics from hymns were projected onto the main screen, but some words were missing. Each group had to fill in the blanks on a piece of paper, and the group with the most correct answers won. In a second round of the game, the rules were altered—one line from a hymn was shown on the screen and the groups had to remember and write down the title of the hymn. That was even more challenging!

Following the game, Erik Calhoun showed the second half of a documentary film called “Answers in Genesis.” (The first half had been shown during the last youth focus session.) It expounds on the belief of Creationism, using scientific and historical evidence to back up the Biblical account of Creation. The film features scientists who explain why we believe the world was created by God in six days, and who refute the popular theory that the world as we know it took billions of years to be formed.

At the end of the movie, a girls’ quartet of Julianne Luka, Victoria Heintz, Emmaline Worthington, and Azaria Charles sang “What a Beautiful Name,” and then the session ended with a time of prayer.

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