Sarah Hamilton

Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers

As a child I was sent to Sunday school and church, but I was never told of a “born again” experience. I did have faith in God and a belief in the Bible but I don’t remember ever hearing my parents pray. When I went away to school, I thought if I joined a big church I would be a Christian, but I found it takes more than good intentions and joining a church. Our college was in one of the largest cities in Washington. There were many different churches and denominations there, and I went from one to the other, but I was not satisfied. I worked in some of the churches and paid tithes, but I had no peace. Also, I drifted with the crowd and tried the same things that other students did, including things that I had no intention of doing. Later on I became a schoolteacher. Then I had the clothes I wanted and the means to travel or study, but still I was not satisfied. My life condemned me. God dealt with me and talked to my soul. He showed me that I was headed in the wrong direction.

Thank God that He ever brought me to the light of this Gospel! It was my husband who first came in contact with these people. He came home and told me about the Gospel. I was not very enthusiastic about it, but I told him I would go because I did not want to keep him back. As I sat and listened to one of these meetings, to the testimonies and the preaching, I realized these people had more than I had—they had something I did not have at all. I thought I was a Christian because I had dropped off many sinful pleasures when I accepted Christ and was baptized in water. But one night I was praying with a friend who I thought needed to be saved, and the Lord showed me I had never been born again.

The next Tuesday morning, at a prayer meeting in this tabernacle, I made my peace with God. I don’t remember what I said, but I admitted I was a sinner. I asked the Lord to come into my heart, and He made a change. I knew that I was saved. I knew my name was written in Heaven. I didn’t need anyone to shake my hand or tell me I was saved, but peace filled my soul and every sin was gone. Not only that, He took out the desire for the sinful pleasures and gave me power to live for Him.

I didn’t need anyone to shake my hand or tell me I was saved, but peace filled my soul and every sin was gone.

I had had what the world calls a good time; shows, dances, card parties and ball games had occupied my time, but I found the satisfying portion when I gave my life to the Lord. The Lord took the desire for sinful living out of my heart. I couldn’t live the Gospel in my own strength, but the Lord helps me every day. I didn’t “catch” the old-time religion; it didn’t rub off on me, but I asked the Lord to give it to me and He did. I always had a fear of the future, but that fear was taken out. I know my peace is made with God.

One morning in the prayer meeting, praying at the back benches, the Lord came down and sanctified me wholly, a second definite work of grace. I thank God for that, and later He baptized me with the Holy Ghost and fire. I can say that I found the satisfying portion.

I am grateful for the many blessings of the Lord. I want to magnify His name for His protecting hand over me. One time I fell backward down nine concrete steps. Someone standing nearby said, “Oh, she’s dead!” But some of these Christian people gathered around me and prayed, and the Lord undertook for me. I came out of that without a broken bone. That was not the only time God spared my life.

One time in a storm a tree fell across our mobile home, demolishing one end. I grabbed a Bible and crawled under the dining room table. I didn’t know if I was going to be crushed, or burned, or blown away. But I told the Lord that whatever happened, it was all right with me. Such peace filled my soul and I was unhurt. It is good to know you are right with the Lord when you don’t know what the next minute holds.

These many years I have proved and tested God, and He has never failed. In the different circumstances that arise, He is always there to help. I could spend a long time telling of wonderful blessings, the way the Lord has provided, and how He has worked miracles.

I thank God for the privilege He has given us during the past thirty years to work in His harvest field in the Midwest. We have enjoyed many blessings.