Letha Edmonds

Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers

It was at a little schoolhouse in the State of Kansas when the Lord spoke to my heart. A real revival came to that place, and I remember how I trembled under the convicting hand of God. I went down to the altar to pray, but somehow I didn’t know how to get right with God, or get saved as they called it.

I had a Christian mother, who taught me the right way to go, but I had a heart that wanted the ways of the world, and I really went after them. I am so glad the Lord didn’t leave me there. He gave me another chance.

I had a wonderful mother-in-law. She was praying for her lost children, and I was included in that prayer. I am so glad I was, and that the Lord didn’t forget me. He brought us to the West Coast where we heard about Jesus and His love, and that God could come into our heart and give us victory. These people had such glorious testimonies. They told how the Lord came in and cleaned up their heart. It appealed to me, and one Sunday morning I went to the camp meeting. When the service was over, I knelt in prayer at the altar. I asked the Lord to come into my heart and said I would serve Him for time and eternity. It was about 1926 that the Lord saved my soul.

The people of God told how the Lord would come into a heart, really make a change, and that the person would know about it. God didn’t disappoint me; He made a real change in my heart and I had peace with God. I have had many years to test this wonderful Gospel.

Many trials and tests have risen, but the Lord has been a real match for each one of them. He has been so real to me. When the enemy tries to defeat us, the Lord is always there to strengthen and sustain us.

God didn’t disappoint me; He made a real change in my heart and I had peace with God.

I have considered how important it was to make the decision to serve God. I see my children, and grandchildren, and my great grandchildren here, and I wonder where we would have been if it were not for this wonderful Gospel. The Lord is faithful and true.

The Apostolic Faith people told us that God would heal the body. I thought I could trust Him for myself, but didn’t think I could trust my children with anyone. Then we were severely tried—one of my little girls was born with a deformity. Her foot laid back against her little leg; and her anklebone was back by her heel, and her little knee was misplaced. It was off to one side, and I could see her wearing a brace all the days of her life. But the Lord did not plan it that way, and He healed her.

Then a few years later she had diphtheria. The doctor said that only medical science could do anything for her, so he gave her no hope whatever. The next morning she looked so pale and sickly. An awful mucus had formed in her throat, and the doctor said there was nothing known in medical science that they could offer that would break or soften the mucus that had gathered in her throat. He said that a membrane had formed so hard in her throat that it was like a piece of oak (and then he knocked on our oak table), but the Lord undertook and healed her of that too. We call her our “miracle child.” Today she has a family of her own, and also helps in different departments of the Gospel work.

Jesus healed this body of mine, too, when I was sick and afflicted and could scarcely do my work. I could hardly climb the stairs. But he healed me and gave me such wonderful health for sixty-seven years. I owe my life to the Lord, and I mean to be ready when He comes. That is the desire of my heart, and I surely thank Him for such wonderful health He has given me all these years.

I have much to thank the Lord for. He is a match for every situation, and He has been so good to us. As I said before, we have tests and trials, but the Lord is always there to hear and answer prayer. I wouldn’t exchange what the Lord has done for me and my family for anything in this world. There is a determination in my heart to make Heaven my Home.