Katharine Swartz

Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers

A number of years ago I came from Canada to Portland, Oregon, to do some nursing. I was a sorrowful, brokenhearted woman. I started to walk from church to church. I couldn’t find any peace. One day a lady where I was nursing gave me an Apostolic Faith paper. I was an infidel, but I took the paper home with me and began to read it. I said, “I never heard of anything like that in the Bible.” I went to my landlady and asked her for her Bible and she gave it to me. I found that everything in that paper was correct; so I read more of the Bible and there was such light! Before that, I was afraid to read it because my conscience condemned me. The next Sunday I came to an Apostolic Faith service, and when I gave my heart to Jesus, He saved my unworthy soul.

After I was saved I had to make some restitutions. I had brought up my only child in infidelity. I remember one time she asked me about God and why I didn’t want to hear about church. I said, “This is just a story for little children, it is just a myth, and there is nothing to it.” The Lord showed me plainly the mistake I had made. I started to tell her the story of Jesus but she did not accept it. She said, “Mother, I am glad you are happy after all, but that is not what I want. Why should I go such a humble way when I have done nothing wrong?”

I went to Canada and was there for three months, but I returned disappointed because my daughter would not accept the Gospel. I told a minister about it and he said, “We can do nothing, but we will pray and see what God can do.” God answered prayer, and my daughter came back to the United States. Five months later God saved her soul and also saved her three children.

Some years after God had saved my soul I was nursing a lady and I got blood poisoning in my arm. It swelled and turned black and blue and I fainted away. The lady telephoned the doctor and when he came he said, “I will have to rush you to the hospital right away; that arm will have to be lanced.”

I told him, “I trust in God.”  And he replied, “The time of miracles is over.” I called for the ministers to come and pray for me. It was marvelous to see how God answered! I said, “Just take me home.” He did, and my daughter telephoned, and I told her the Lord touched my body. The pain stopped instantly and the poison didn’t go any further. Later I met the same doctor on another case and he said, “Let me see that arm.” I pulled up my sleeve and I said, “See, my arm was not lanced. The Lord healed me! He said, “That is wonderful what the Lord did for you!”

Two years later, I fell and broke my arm. When the ministers came and anointed my arm and prayed for me, God touched it and healed me completely. How I thank Him for this glorious Gospel!