Margaret Hill

Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers
Gospel Pioneers

When I was a little girl I lived in Scotland. I was vaccinated, and it poisoned the glands of my throat so that a disease set in. For nine years all I knew was doctors and medicine. The doctors told my mother to take me to another climate, but that failed to heal me.

With my very poor health and my parents spent thousands of dollars after trying to find a cure. I was afflicted with tuberculosis in the glands of my body. Physicians in Scotland failed to do anything for me. My mother went to two of the best specialists located in the city of Portland, Oregon, and they spent hundreds of dollars, but to no avail.

Many times I heard my Christian mother say, “If we had lived when Jesus was here, I could have taken you to Him, and He would have healed you.” One day she met a sister from the Mission in Portland Oregon, who told her that Jesus was the same yesterday, today, and forever: He healed the sick just as He did when He walked the shores of Galilee. We came to the Mission on Front and Burnside where we heard a wonderful story that there was healing for the soul and also for the body. Sitting in that service, my mother raised her heart to the Lord, telling Him she was going to trust Him for my healing.

God heard and answered the prayer my mother prayed that night while sitting in meeting, and Jesus healed my body. Since then, I have had good health—never a sick day.  There is no trace of that dreadful disease in my body. When Jesus heals, He does a perfect work, and I do thank Him from the depths of my heart.

This miracle changed our whole family. My father, who was a deacon in a church, realized he needed a born-again experience. He had a profession but no possession. The Lord saved him and for years he preached the Gospel.

Growing up I didn’t really surrender my life to God. My school friends, I thought, were having a grand time with the pleasures of the world, and I thought that was what I wanted. But the Lord was so faithful to reason with me. Many times He talked to me through His Word and showed me that if I gained the world but lost my soul, what would it profit?

One day at an Apostolic Faith camp meeting I completely surrendered my all to the Lord. He heard my prayer, and praise God, He saved my soul. What a joy and peace came into my life! I was changed completely. He also sanctified me and baptized me with the Holy Ghost and fire. He has given me many years to serve Him, and He has never failed me.

The Gospel means so much to me today. Heaven has been very near to me for the past few years. Both my parents went to be with the Lord, and I am looking for the coming of Jesus, which I believe will be soon.