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History Book

The last printing job to be done at the Front and Burnside location was completed on July 22, 1922. By that time, the headquarters building at Northwest Sixth and Burnside had been built. On July 29, the equipment was loaded onto a horse-drawn transfer wagon backed up to the old Gospel Lighthouse. The heavy printing press and other pieces of equipment were transported to the new building, and the workers continued to send out the Good News of salvation from there.

Inside the mail room at Northwest Sixth and Burnside, workers prepare literature for mailing.

For seventeen years, the printing work continued at the Sixth and Burnside location. Then, in 1939, the equipment was moved into a newly constructed building at Northeast Sixth Avenue and Hassalo Street, in Portland.

The printing plant on Northeast Sixth and Hassalo, where Gospel literature was published from 1939 to 1955.

After the plant had operated in that building for sixteen years, the property was sold because of a commercial project taking over the immediate area. In June of 1955, the printing establishment was relocated back at the head­quarters at Sixth and Burnside, where extensive remodeling had taken place on a vacated annex to make room for the presses and related equipment. Publishing continued at that location until 1980.