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The Higher Way, a magazine designed to encourage Christian growth, is the flagship publication of the organization. Initially called The Apostolic Faith, the name was changed in 1981 to The Light of Hope. Renamed Higher Way in 1995, this quarterly magazine is one of the key publications at the headquarters building, with an annual output of about 2.5 million copies in the English language.

Twin brothers Reuel (left) and Bob Green (right), along with the General Overseer, Loyce Carver, look over the first publication off the new Cottrell high-speed press.

Articles published in the magazine are often adapted from sermons that have been given in the services. There are also testimonies given by individuals from different walks of life, and inspirational articles targeting various age groups. Each edition also contains a list of Bible doctrines as taught by the organization—the same doctrines that were initially published in the papers printed at Azusa Street in 1906.

Gary Wolfe, printing department manager, looks over the first magazine edition with Loyce Carver.

After the material to be printed in the magazine has been selected, it is prayerfully prepared for publication by the editorial and proofing staff. A Higher Way steering committee meets to title the articles slotted for the upcoming issue, and to finalize graphic ideas. Staff photographers take many of the photos used for illustrating the articles and testimonies; the layout of each publication is also done in-house. The final publication is imaged onto negatives, the negatives burned onto printing plates, and then the actual printing and assembly process takes place.

Rick Olson operates the high-speed press at the current location.

People in over 120 countries are on the mailing list, and subscribers continually send in names of other individuals whom they wish to receive the literature. Beginning in 1961, sample copies were mailed to box holders in various states, a project that increased the size of the mailing list considerably.

David Maynard (left) and Larry Truax shrink wrap copies of Higher Way in 2004.

In June of 2002, the organization produced the first issues of Higher Way magazine in Braille. These publications received a warm response from individuals and from organizations for the visually impaired. Some organizations offered to advertise the magazine free of charge in their own publications. A number of libraries for Braille readers now receive the regular editions. In 2005, several tracts were also produced in Braille.

In July of 2002, the organization began publishing the Higher Way magazine in Braille.