A Vital Ministry

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The correspondence work is a vital ministry that varies from letter to letter. Most of the letters that come to the headquarters office bring sincere questions regarding spiritual matters; prayer requests including spiritual, physical, and financial needs; Higher Way subscriptions; literature requests; questions about the locations of churches; and queries about upcoming church events all over the world. Some of the correspondents are simply looking for a friend to write to them, and those who answer the letters are glad to be that friend.

Some of the ladies who helped with the office work in the mid-1940s.

Many hours are logged each week in the correspondence efforts. Volunteers assist the full-time staff in reading and answering letters and entering data into the computer system. As news trickles in of needs around the world, and accounts are received of victories won, correspondents are able to travel by proxy to destinations around the globe. As they read and answer the letters, they pray for the difficult situations described in those letters, and establish a caring and personal connection with individuals who write on a regular basis.

Those who handle the correspondence consider it a privilege to share the message of the Gospel with so many.

In addition to answering incoming mail, the organization also sends out general letters from time to time. A newsletter of the past month’s happenings of interest is sent monthly to a specific group of subscribers. Several times each year, a letter just to keep in touch is sent to all the prisoners on the mailing list, along with one or two tracts, with the goal of providing a spiritual uplift between Higher Way editions.

Workers loads truck with mailbags of Gospel literature ready to be taken to the Post Office.

Each time a mailing goes out, whether of magazines, tracts, or letters, there is a resulting surge in the volume of mail. People who may otherwise not have thought to respond may be inspired by a sermon or article and write a note thanking the staff, requesting prayer, or sending additional names for the subscription list. The message of salvation and a victorious Christian life is a personal theme in the life of each worker, and those who handle the correspondence view it as a privilege to share the Gospel with so many.