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Ivon Wilson answering mail at the office in 2005.

A practical new method of communication—electronic mail (email)—became available to the correspondence staff during the 1990s and quickly caught on with staff members, often replacing other forms of correspondence because of its speed, economy, and ease of use. The volume of email subscriptions, questions, and prayer requests has dramatically increased, rapidly rising from very few in the year 2000, to a total greater than all the other combined responses within four years. These emails arrive from all over the world, and writers can receive almost instant answers.

Veteran pastor Earl Phillips answers many email letters.

A recent email that commented on the impact of a Higher Way magazine is representative of many other similar emails. This correspondent wrote, “I read your magazine, Higher Way, and it marked a new beginning in my life. After reading a particular article, ‘Born Alive!’ the testimony touched me deeply inside my heart, and after crying, I made a final decision to give my life to Christ. He forgave me all my sins; I am now born again. Yes, I have that blessed assurance that I am no longer a sinner. I now see myself preaching to my friends. Please, my brethren, send me the magazine that changed my life and any other edifying books, tracts, and magazines. Thank you for publishing a magazine like Higher Way. It must have changed many people’s lives.”

Sam Ajayi handles much of the mail that comes from Africa.