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In the 1990s, the Apostolic Faith Church stepped into a new method of evangelistic outreach with the launching of a church website at From its inception, the primary purpose of the website was to lift up and glorify Jesus Christ and to lead people from all around the world to a personal knowledge of Him. In our technologically advanced age the website provides a way for the organization to reach the online community, some who could not be contacted personally or through printed literature.

The homepage of the organization’s website at

The lead article on the homepage changes regularly between personal accounts of people who have found God and in-depth perspectives on topics related to Christian growth and commitment. Prominent on the page is a link to an article that clearly explains the way to find salvation in Jesus Christ. A daily devotional can also be accessed from the homepage. Different areas of the site target seekers investigating Christianity, new believers, youth, maturing believers, married couples and parents, children, and teachers. A news section provides links to current news articles, the latest edition of the Portland church’s In One Accord newsletter, a list of upcoming events in Apostolic Faith churches worldwide, and a news archive section.

The corporate website at reaches into the online community to present the message of Jesus Christ.

Viewers can submit prayer requests and view the list of needs that others have submitted. A link to the online version of the magazine, Higher Way, is also available from the homepage. Other resources included are the current week’s Sunday school lesson, Christian book reviews, a complete list of the organization’s free printed publications and a publication order form, a link to resources provided in several foreign languages, and various other items of interest.

In 2004, the website was expanded to include separate areas for young adults and children. These areas have a different look from the rest of the site, and offer content of special interest to youth. Another recent addition to the website are three foreign language pages, where articles and testimonies are posted in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Karen Barrett is the current headquarters office manager.

Since going “live,” the website has had millions of hits. People from about 200 countries around the globe have visited the site and benefited by the spiritual content that fills its pages. Sister sites have been developed by numbers of branch churches, including sites featuring the Nigerian and Korean branches of the work.