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Over many years of Gospel literature production, writers and editors of the Apostolic Faith Church have prepared a variety of study materials designed to further the understanding of God’s Word. Convinced that systematic study will result in spiritual discoveries for those who engage in it, several types of curriculums have been produced to provide a structure for Bible study in a Sunday school setting.

A preface to one of the study booklets expresses the principle behind all of the curriculum publishing projects: “We trust that the reader may be inspired to seek and receive all the fullness of God’s blessing, find the pathway to greater victorious Christian living, and become more firmly established upon the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God. In these days just prior to the coming of the Lord, we realize the urgent need for a careful walk, day by day; and in these teachings are found numerous admonitions concerning the standard of Christianity as taught in the Bible.”

The Sunday school committee of the 1950s produced the first full course of curriculum materials, a 36-volume set.

In the 1940s, a group of ministers and workers spent a number of years compiling a nine-year course of study entitled Studies in the Scriptures. A later curriculum, with separate study booklets for primary (Primary Pals), junior (Answer), and adult levels (Search), covered the same Bible truths in an updated format that involved the readers in a more hands-on approach.

In 2001, work began on a commentary style through-the-Bible curriculum featuring a selected Scripture text for each day, a daily devotional, background on the selected text, and additional study materials. In this series, titled Daybreak, books of the Bible are studied in a chronological sequence. The coverage of each book of the Bible includes an overview, historical timeline, background data, and outline of the book, as well as related maps, charts, timelines, etc. Ultimately, the completed program will help readers explore the entire Bible in a three-year time frame.

Discovery, a companion publication for use in the Sunday school setting, provides weekly lessons built upon the same book of the Bible that is being studied in the Daybreak daily devotionals. Reviewing in a group setting what has been learned in personal study gives readers the opportunity to reinforce key points.

Pages of the Daybreak devotionals and companion Discovery Sunday school booklets, which will ultimately cover the whole Bible.

The daily devotionals and Sunday school lessons are both available free of charge on the organization’s website at