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05-12-2024 – Sunday Morning Mother’s Day Service

The Mother’s Day service opened with a brass ensemble playing “Cornerstone,” followed by “A Closer Walk.” Then the choir continued the prelude, singing “Prayer for Mother’s Day.” Congregational singing began with the hymn, “A Christian Home,” which speaks of homes “built firm upon the Savior, where Christ is Head and Counselor and Guide.” The lyrics speak to the desire of every Christian mother’s heart.

After Dwight Baltzell led in prayer, all of the mothers in the congregation were acknowledged. They were all asked to stand and were invited to pick up a flower in the Narthex after church ended. Special recognition was extended to all of the women who had babies since last Mother’s Day. They were each given a gift of a soft toy teddy bear for baby, stress relief tea for mom, and a board book called “Jesus Loves Me.” Pastor David Lambert shared a story about “The Meanest Mother,” which described a mother who insisted her children eat healthy meals, tell the truth, and do household chores. The author concluded that the world needs more of these "mean" mothers!

Before the Scripture reading from 1 Samuel 1:9-11, the choir sang, “A Mother’s Love.” For last special, Ashley Morgan sang, “He Knew Me Then.” For the sermon, Brother Dave preached from Genesis 3:20, and focused on the importance of a mother in God’s plan of creation. He said that mothers are the greatest influencers in the world and noted a few examples of godly mothers in history who impacted the world. One was Susannah Wesley, who made a commitment to study and pray for two hours each day even as she raised ten children. She taught her own children about Scripture, as well as neighbors who came to listen to her teaching. Her son Charles became a prolific writer of hymns, and John led a spiritual movement in England that spread around the world. A Biblical example was Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel. She asked God to bless her with a child and vowed to give him back to the Lord. With God’s help, she kept her vow and her son served as a righteous judge in Israel for over sixty years, leading his people to spiritual renewal. Brother Dave said that both of these mothers showed their children the way, but each child had to have their own faith, and that is still the case today. Parents were encouraged to be faithful in raising their children, and children to embrace the faith of their parents. Brother Dave closed by thanking all of the godly mothers in the congregation and inviting everyone to prayer.

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