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Like many others, Mary G. Kelly was introduced to the Apostolic Faith organization through the papers sent out from Portland. The beginning of the Apostolic Faith work in Washington D.C. took place on June 3, 1953, when she opened her home and invited friends to join together for a time of worship and fellowship. On March 1, 1964, property was purchased with the anticipation of building a church. The adjacent lot with a house was purchased in 1972, and meetings were held in the house until 1978. That year, the house was torn down and the church was built. While construction was in progress, meetings were held in a rented house around the corner on Florida Avenue. The new church was dedicated in the fall of 1978 by Loyce Carver, General Overseer of the Apostolic Faith organization.

Mary Kelly was founder of the Apostolic Faith Church in Washington D.C.

In the early summer of 2005, the Washington D.C. congregation moved into a newly acquired church building at 1325 Southeast Branch Avenue, off of Pennsylvania Avenue and just a short distance from the White House.

Leon Dicks, a pioneer of the Apostolic Faith work on the East Coast.

In 1953, the same year that the work began in the nation’s capital, Leon C. Dicks, who also had received an Apostolic Faith paper, established an Apostolic Faith church in Brooklyn, New York. Reverend Dicks was District Overseer of the Apostolic Faith churches on the East Coast for many years until his death on March 17, 1989.

The new church in Washington D.C. was dedicated in May of 2005.