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Cato Bush was a man with an evangelist’s heart, and he did much traveling because of his insatiable desire to spread the Gospel. His travels took him through many cities, towns, and the “backwoods.” Houston, Texas, was among the southwest locales where he conducted revivals and established churches. A work had developed in the northern part of that city, but Reverend Bush felt there was a need for another church in Houston. After receiving permission from the Portland headquarters, in October of 1950, he moved from Century to Houston, bringing six young men with him. This group began to hold church services in a home on the south side of the city. Then a piece of property was located. Since the group was new to the city and had little money and no references, it was only through prayer and persistence that the lumber and other supplies were obtained to build the church. The new building was dedicated in January of 1952. In later years, this church was relocated to another site with a better parking situation.

The congregation gathers outside one of the churches in Houston, Texas.

Dedicated men and women of God invested their lives in the spread of the Gospel in various parts of the United States.

In 1976, some of the Houston congregation became interested in starting a church in a different part of the city. They began to hold prayer meetings and services in a room behind the home of one of the members. In fact, it was the same prayer room in which Reverend Bush had begun holding services in 1950. In September of 1977, Reverend Bush dedicated that building to God to be used for His glory. Later, an adjacent lot was purchased, allowing for expansion of the church facilities.

The first Apostolic Faith Church in Atlanta, Georgia.