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Packing Your Spiritual Suitcase

When making preparations for a trip, I do my best to pack my suitcase with the necessary items for that particular journey. The probable weather conditions, what kind of activities I will be participating in, and the number of days away from home all make a difference. The consideration I put into packing my suitcase will influence how enjoyable the trip will be, and whether or not I will have the needed things to function smoothly while away from home.

The necessity of this planning has been impressed upon me through trial and error. On one trip, I neglected to check the weather forecast, assumed the weather would be cool, and packed my suitcase accordingly. When we arrived, the city we were visiting was experiencing unseasonably mild weather, and I spent some uncomfortable days wearing clothes that were too warm.

As Christians, we are on a spiritual journey. Someday we will be in our heavenly home, but we are not there yet. Thus, we must determine what to pack in our spiritual suitcases to ensure a successful trip.

This world is full of unexpected trials that are difficult to prepare for, but thankfully the Bible gives us clear instructions on how to pack properly. Our focus verses tell us some items that we will want to include, and we need to be diligent that we do not leave out any necessities. Failing to pack our spiritual suitcases appropriately will not just be uncomfortable; it might prevent us from arriving at our desired destination altogether. It will take perseverance and care on our part to choose what we need to make our Christian journey satisfying and eternally rewarding.

As we follow the instructions in these verses and add to our faith moral purity, Bible knowledge, self-control, patience, righteousness, brotherly kindness, and love, we will be packing qualities that will make our journey to Heaven both fulfilling and successful.

Can you think of some things you could add to your spiritual suitcase today that will encourage you and ensure that you have what you need to make your journey to Heaven gratifying and victorious?