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WECA Camp Meeting: A Blessing to So Many

Faith City, Igbesa
August 31, 2023

From the Superintendent's DESK

There was great anticipation for the second week of the Western and Central Africa (WECA) Camp Meeting, and God did not disappoint. By the close, 9,626 blessings were reported by attendees. The following is a report highlighting the services, activities, and answers to prayer.  

Monday, August 21
Monday’s activities included the national music test, a pastor and spouse meeting, and an evening youth concert. The first half of the concert featured elementary school children who sang joyfully in several languages. Among the renditions were “My God Is So Big” in English and “Al’Agbara l’Olorun Mi” or “My God Is Powerful” in Yoruba. They also provided such orchestra pieces as “Blue Danube.” To conclude their portion of the concert, gifts were presented to students graduating from the WECA Children’s Music School. Then one student gave a moving recitation on the greatness of God.

The older students took the platform with the processional song “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna.” Then the youth choir inspired with “Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So.” Additional choir songs, along with male choruses, orchestra numbers, and instrumental solos followed. Toward the close of the concert, a short play depicted a woman whose progress was hindered by the mountains before her. Deuteronomy 28:1-14 was read to reveal that she and others could obtain the blessings of God through obedience. The evening closed with many going to the altars to pray.

Tuesday, August 22
The first Bible teaching for the week started with an organ prelude followed by orchestra and choir renditions. The congregation sang expectantly before the opening prayer. Then testimonies were given by brethren from the districts of Ikot Enwang, Kogi, Abia, Delta, and Oke-Aro. Many told of God’s goodness and power to save, deliver, restore, and do marvels.

A solo of “Let Your Love Flow through Me” preceded the teaching on “Christian Fellowship,” given by Ghana Board Member Joseph Ansah. Taking his text from 1 Corinthians 1:9-10 and Ephesians 3:9, he said nothing can compare to Christian fellowship, and he encouraged everyone to strive for it. Afterward, there was a great response to the invitation to pray.

The evening service started with an organ prelude, after which the orchestra played “Looking for a City” and the choir sang “Christ Is the Answer.” We enjoyed the native air “Amanam Sosono” in Efik and then before the message, a quartet sang “I Long for Mercy.” Alfred Ikotun, the pastor at Oceanside, New York, gave the word of exhortation on “A Heavy Load.” He concluded with the miracle of 2 Kings 6:5-7 in which a borrowed ax fell into water, but floated to the surface after God’s prophet was consulted. Attendees responded positively to the message and altar call, going to their knees in prayer.

Wednesday, August 23
The morning session started with an organ prelude followed by orchestra and choir numbers. Following the opening prayer, the testimony service was open to all, and many recounted victories. The message on “Tithing and Church Policy” was appropriately preceded by the song “Bring Ye All the Tithe.” Then John Musgrave, representing the Portland headquarters, used Malachi 3:6-12 to answer the question, “Why, how, and when should Christians tithe?” He stated that God has a plan for the church through tithing. He also emphasized that tithing is a holy practice and should be treated as such. He concluded by charging all to prove God’s promise to send blessings upon those who obey. As the closing hymn was sung, many made their way to the altars of prayer.

An organ prelude and flute solo opened the afternoon youth service. Then the choir sang “The Wonder of it All.” During the testimony portion of the service, the young people enthusiastically told of God’s power to save, keep, and provide. Before the message, the last song special was “Control.” Then Bomanam Isaiah spoke on “There Shall Be Evidence.” The altars filled quickly afterward.

The evening service featured several music specials including a ladies’ brass ensemble playing “Give the World a Smile.” Also, an Igbo native air was sung: “Onye ndi Nmozi na Mmadu na Ekele.” And before the message, a quartet sang “Leave it There.” Taking her text from Job 5:8-9, Folasade Akomolafe preached on “Marvelous Things without Number.” She emphasized that God is ready to do marvelous things. A great prayer service followed.

Thursday, August 24
The morning teaching commenced with the orchestra playing “Onward Christian Soldiers” followed by the choir singing “Hallelujah for the Cross.” For the testimony service, brethren from the districts of Osun, Bayelsa, Ondo, Uyo, and Burkina Faso told of victories in the Lord. A vocal duet of “God Will” preceded the message given by Michael Oroleye who oversees the Ebute-Meta district. He preached from 1 John 5:19-20 on “The Gospel of Certainty.” He said the foundation of the Gospel is Jesus Christ who is true and certain. He concluded with Jude 3, charging everyone to contend for the faith and be transformed by the power of God.

A piano solo began the evening service. Then the choir sang “God Is Great, Good, and Merciful.” The testimony service was opened to those who received salvation since the camp meeting began and those from the Imo, Oyo, and Abuja districts. Several took advantage of the opportunity to tell of God’s saving grace. A soloist sang “Something Good Is Going to Happen to You” and then Etim Udofia exhorted everyone to “Look unto Jesus.” Taking his text from Isaiah 45:20-24, he emphasized that in a world full of trouble, Jesus is the answer. He urged everyone to settle their spiritual lives and be Rapture-ready. As he closed, many seekers went to the altars.

Friday, August 25
In the morning, a water baptismal service was held for eight hundred candidates. To start the service a woodwind ensemble played “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” and the choir sang “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.” An exhortation was given by Dupe Asokhia from the Edo district on “Walking with Him.” She encouraged the candidates to trust in God to sustain and uphold them. A processional of musicians led the way to the baptistry and continued to play as others supported the candidates with hearty “amens.”          

A youth service was held in the afternoon. It began with a violin solo and featured testimonies from students who told of God’s power to do marvels. A youth minister from the Congo, Deborah Muyaya, gave the message titled “Be Ye Reconciled to God.” She compared reconciliation with God to repairing a broken friendship. Reading from Isaiah 1:18-19, which includes, “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord,” she urged everyone to reconcile with God.

In the evening, the ordinances of The Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing were observed. The sermons for the two ordinances were given by Oba Fatoba and Clement Akinnuoye, respectively. They both exhorted the saints to follow the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ. There was sweet fellowship among the brethren as everyone did so.

Saturday, August 26
A Sunday school teachers’ conference was conducted by Isaac Adigun, the WECA District Superintendent. He announced the new structure for the Apostolic Faith work, particularly in Nigeria. He said that beginning on September 1, the positions of Regional Overseer, Assistant Regional Overseer, District Overseer, and Assistant District Overseer will cease to exist. Instead, thirty-one geographical areas will be headed by overseers who will report directly to him. The names of the overseers were announced to echoes of “Amen” from the body of teachers.

Sunday, August 27
The last Sunday of the camp meeting started on a bright note with Sunday school. The elementary students from Ogun presented a program in which they depicted the fall of the walls of Jericho. They assured the listeners that the hindering walls in their lives will fall when they keep God’s commandments. Then everyone was dispersed to classes to study about “Our Liberty in Christ” with text taken from Galatians 4:1-31 and 5:1-15.

The morning devotional service began with the orchestra playing “Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken.” Then the choir sang “Mighty Jehovah,” accompanied by the brass. Preceding the message, a female quintet sang “Glorious New Life.” Then Brother John preached from John 5:2-3 on “Waiting on Jesus.” Citing the example of the sick man at the pool of Bethesda, he enjoined everyone to respond, “Yes, I want to be made whole.” He said this includes receiving salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At the close of the sermon, the listeners rushed to the altar to wait on Jesus for the solutions to their various problems.

The final youth service began with the choir song “I Stand in Awe of You.” The sermon was given by Seun Cole on “I Give unto You Power.” Taking the example of David against Goliath, he urged his listeners to turn to Jesus who gives power over the enemy.

In the evening, the service began with several choir numbers. Then, following the congregational singing, opening prayer, and testimonies, a brief exhortation was given before everyone went to the altars to pray. Umarudeen Olowosile spoke on “Possessing Our Possession,” encouraging all who had not received from God to continue seeking Him. A powerful time of prayer followed.

John and Rodica Musgrave are now traveling in Ghana, accompanied by Isaac and Stella Adigun. Before leaving the WECA Camp Meeting, Brother John wrote that it was a blessing to so many. He said the six main altar areas filled after every service, and on average sixty people prayed through to salvation each day. In addition, there was a daily average of thirty sanctified, fifteen baptized with the Holy Spirit, and seventy-five healed. We thank the Lord for these blessings and pray they will be permanent in the lives of the recipients. 

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Western and Central Africa Camp Meeting
August 13-27