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Leaving UK Camp Meeting Inspired and Encouraged

Newtown, Wales
August 2, 2022

From the Superintendent's DESK

The United Kingdom camp meeting concluded on Sunday, July 31, with blessings received by many. Here is a final report with details from the last few days.

Thursday, July 28

Thursday’s Bible teaching was filled with beautiful music. It started with a piano solo of “May I Never Lose the Wonder of the Cross,” which was powerful and encouraging to the soul. Then the choir sang “Sold Out.” The congregation also had the opportunity to lift their voices in song, inviting the Holy Spirit into the church. Between testimonies, which gave glory to God, there was another marvelous choir number of “Raise Up an Army, Oh Lord.” Then Darrel Lee gave the teaching from Genesis 1:28 on the topic of “Love and Marriage.”

In the afternoon, a children’s service featured several choirs. First, a choir of children under the age of six sang “This Little Light of Mine.” Then, a choir of children ages seven to eleven sang “Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day”—a message to help the little ones grow in the Lord.

The intermediate group also had an opportunity to sing and were very confident as their beautiful rendition of “Chosen Generation” filled the room. Then an older choir of youth ages thirteen to eighteen sang “God’s Love” to open the testimony service. The songs were fun, causing the adults to feel as if they were in Sunday school again, and hearing the children testify was inspirational.

Next, youth from the Midlands presented a program of musical renditions, Scripture recitations, and a skit. Then the Word was given by Solomon Akano, who helped the children envision the beauty of Heaven. He said Heaven would surpass the most beautiful place they had seen. An invitation to pray followed as the Midland choir sang “O Lord, Send the Revival Now.”

The evening evangelistic service began with a beautiful clarinet solo and then the choir sang “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.” This was followed by an inspiring father-daughter vocal duet. During the service, the congregation sang several favorites including “Look and Live,” filling the church with lifted spirits.

During the testimonies, people thanked and glorified God for His goodness in their lives. Then there was a touching vocal solo before the message given by Thomas Moyo. Taking his text from Exodus 14:13, he brought out that God gives victory to those who place their trust in Him.

Friday, July 29

The music for the last Bible teaching of camp meeting 2022 was provided by the Northeast and Midlands choir and orchestra. Among the specials, the adult choir sang “How Firm a Foundation” and the junior choir encouraged with a song about God’s provision.  

The message was on “Qualifications for Heavenly Citizenship.” With the key text taken from Matthew 22:1-14, Lazarus Simbanegavi spoke about the Heavenly Kingdom where Christ is preparing a place for believers. He said salvation, sanctification, and the enduement of power from on high make up the qualifications to enter there.

During the service, the Spirit of God was stirring hearts, and even before the altar call, people were moved to tears. The teaching closed with the congregation singing these words from a popular hymn: “Some through the waters, some through the flood, some through the fire, but all through the Blood.”

In the afternoon, the youth service began with a prelude provided by a brass quartet from France. Then a violinist from Manchester, England, played “He Is Here.” The service was particularly special because it was the last to be led by Olos Irenoa as the Western Europe Youth Leader. She was given a tribute and flowers for eleven years of faithful service in that role. Then her successor, Lara Shorinmade was introduced and received warmly.

The service continued with the youth choir singing “We Bless Your Name” before Sister Olos gave the Word. She spoke from Ecclesiastes 12:1 about God’s willingness to forgive those who repent. The youth were then invited to make the decision to follow Christ and see how He would change their lives for the better.

The evening service began with a vibrant song from the youth choir titled “Can He? Could He? Would He?” The music continued to encourage, and the congregational song of “Let the Fire Fall” was very powerful.

The testimonies were as inspiring as the music, and even before the sermon, hearts were ready to reach out to God. Mathieu Bobo took his text from John 12:21 and spoke on “Your Expectations for Camp Meeting.” Using the examples of Hezekiah, Abraham, and Solomon, he said God gives His children more than what they ask for. Hezekiah asked for victory, Abraham for a son, and Solomon for wisdom, but all received far greater. A good prayer meeting followed, and it was a mighty revival service!

Sunday, July 31

In the morning, there were sounds of suitcases being wheeled to the buses, photographs being taken, and farewells tendered. It was the last day of camp 2022! 

After Sunday school for all ages, the farewell service opened with a piano and organ voluntary of “To God Be the Glory” in appreciation for God’s many blessings. This was followed by the orchestra playing a beautiful rendition of “I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord.” The choir then gave a special number titled “Ebenezer.” This prelude set the tone for the service, which was one of thanksgiving, and during the congregational singing, the saints lifted their hearts to God in praise.

The last special before the message encouraged “God Will Take Care of You.” Then, taking his main text from Hebrews 2:1-2, Mark Mfandarahwa reminded everyone of the messages heard throughout the week and the need to hold fast to them. He said to look to God in the spiritual new year, remaining consistent, and God’s grace would keep each one. A blessed time around the altars followed as the choir sang “God Be with You ‘Till We Meet Again.”

We thank God for a successful United Kingdom camp meeting. Many are returning home inspired and encouraged while others, including twenty-two who were water-baptized on Saturday, are starting a new life in Christ. 

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2022 United Kingdom Camp Meeting
July 24-31, 2022