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Many Victories Reported at Congo Camp Meeting

October 17, 2023

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Congo camp meeting was held September 17-24 at the Limete Interchange Space Center, a retreat in the heart of Kinshasa, the capital city. Some highlights of the services and events that took place follow.

Ministers’ and Workers’ Conference
A Ministers’ and Workers’ Conference was held on Friday, September 15, with the theme “The Church and Spiritual Qualifications.’’ It was led by Okpo Johnson from the Western and Central Africa (WECA) headquarters and there were ninety in attendance.

The participants were reminded that the true Church of Jesus Christ, sometimes called the invisible church, is made up of individuals whose names have been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27). These are people who consistently live pure, exemplary lives in accordance with God’s Word. On the topic of “Spiritual Qualifications,” it was highlighted that saved, sanctified, and baptized children of God from different backgrounds, living consistent lives of victory over sin, are qualified, notwithstanding their educational or professional background. It was emphasized that the most important qualifications are those that will gain the participants’ entrance into Heaven. Moreover, such individuals must remain qualified by continuing to live in obedience to God’s Word daily. The conference concluded with a time of prayer, heart searching, and consecration that resulted in a mighty revival.

Sermons and Teachings
The camp meeting opened fully on Sunday, September 17, with the theme “O Lord, Revive Thy Work.” Nearly 1300 participants were drawn from the whole of Congo including Matadi, Boma, Lubumbashi, Muanda, Lemba, Mbandaka, Masina, Kinbaseke, and more. In addition, brethren came from WECA and joined online, including from France.

The first devotional message was given by the Congo District Superintendent, Leon Guba Pakasa. He drew his text from Habakkuk 3:2 and Ephesians 2:1-5. He charged the worshipers to surrender their lives to God as this was His “resuscitation room.”

Consecrated ministers of the Gospel gave inspiring sermons and teachings throughout the week on topics that included “Building on the Spiritual Foundation,” “A Pure Gospel,” “Overcoming Revival Obstacles,” and “The Sanctity of Marriage.” For the final devotional message of the convention, Brother Okpo took his text from the Book of Isaiah 3:10. He explained how one could become a righteous person, and he told of God’s unfailing promises to the righteous.

Following the presentation of each of these messages, seekers trooped to the altars of prayer to seek and receive various blessings upon their lives.

Testimony Services
Many inspiring testimonies of victory were heard during the camp meeting. Among them, one sister testified to the power of healing through the Blood of Jesus. She was suffering from thrombosis and the doctors said she would not live long. However, God miraculously healed her. A brother was healed of a hernia during the camp meeting. He said Jesus appeared to him and asked him to stand. When he obeyed, the hernia was gone. Another sister said she came to the camp meeting suffering from an infirmity that had plagued her for years. She prayed and God saved her from sin. Then God healed her. She declared that while praying, “I saw a spring springing up, and I stepped in, and that was the end of my infirmity.”

Numerous other blessings were received. By the close of the week, fifty-one reported receiving salvation, thirteen said they were sanctified, eleven thanked God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and fifty-seven for re-anointings. In addition, thirty-nine reported being healed. God is great!

Other Camp Meeting Activities
On a daily basis, teams of workers went out to neighboring locations to evangelize, distribute Gospel literature, and invite others to attend the services and activities. There was a good response to the invitations, including to a picnic.  

On one day during the camp meeting, the WECA Welfare Department filled a room with clothing, shoes, handbags, and other items, making them available for people to take as needed.

The final day of the camp meeting included a musical concert. God showered His blessings on all who attended.

The 2023 Congo Camp Meeting was a miracle from start to finish. This was the rainy season, but God held back the rain until the end of the week. God also provided more than enough food throughout the week. We are thankful for God’s presence during the camp meeting and for the many blessings poured out. 

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Congo Camp Meeting
September 17-24, 2023