Jamaicans Praise God in Song and Testimony

From the Superintendent's DESK

Mark and Rosemary Worthington of Sacramento, California, are in Jamaica visiting our congregations there. They are accompanied by Blessing Adaramola of Pullman, Washington, Ade Asaya of Portland, Oregon, and Lara Rosen of Los Angeles, California. They sent this report of their first services:

On January 26, a beautiful Sunday morning, we traveled along a winding road through the mountains to where our little church in Troy is set nestled on the hillside. We enjoyed a church service that began with enthusiastic singing. The local choir treated us to a special song, and then members of our mission team gave praise to God through music and testimonies. For the sermon, Brother Mark preached from 1 Corinthians 1:9, speaking of the faithfulness of God. He said God is faithful throughout our lives, in every storm and trial, and as we recall His faithfulness, we should remember that He is deserving of our faithfulness. A sweet time of prayer followed the service.

In the evening, we traveled to our church in Christiana where a local duet sang a lovely song to start the service. The congregational singing and praise which followed blessed our hearts, and a spirit of love and unity was felt. During the testimony service, one woman told of receiving a tract which prompted thoughts of being eternally lost. After a dream which scared her, she prayed and was saved. The sermon was inspired by the Scripture found in Philippians 3:11 regarding being a Christian example. When we are saved, God gives us power to live a life that will be a testimony to the world. If we were to try this in our own strength, we would fail, but through Christ we can be victorious. We were encouraged to always lean on God, so that our testimonies will stay complete and portray the beauty of the Gospel. Again, we felt a sweet spirit during the time of prayer.

The next evening, Monday, we stopped at the Albert Town church to pick up the pastor and see the construction of that church, and then traveled many miles through the hills in the Jamaican Alps to where we have a little church in Sawyers. We felt a kindred spirit among the group of believers who gathered for a service. The singing was acapella, and there was joy and enjoyment as the voices lifted in praise.

Later in the service, we heard victorious testimonies. One woman told of having a painful foot, which was swollen so badly that she could not fasten her shoe or stand. After she was anointed with oil and prayed for, the Lord healed her. Another woman said she came to church and heard a song about eternity. She felt convicted, and prayed through to salvation. A man testified that when he was hungry, God fed him; when he was sick, God healed him; and when he was in sin, God saved him.

For the sermon, Brother Mark took his text from 1 John 1:1 through 2:1 and spoke of God being light, and sin being darkness. He told of a time when he lost his way on a path in the woods at night. He felt lost and helpless, which is what it is like to be in sin. He said all have sinned and need to receive the light of salvation into their lives. He also encouraged those who are saved to keep that experience of salvation current. A good prayer service followed.

After each service, we enjoyed a time to visit with the congregations, and were greeted with handshakes and hugs. We have felt a very sweet fellowship among the saints here.

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