God Provides, Guides, Protects, & Heals in Jamaica

From the Superintendent's DESK

Mark and Rosemary Worthington, accompanied by Blessing Adaramola, Ade Asaya, and Lara Rosen, visited four more of our churches in Jamaica this past week and sent this report of their activities.

Tuesday evening we traveled into a remote part of the interior of Jamaica to Crofts Hill where our little white church overlooks a valley. To begin the meeting, we had an enthusiastic time of singing, including the song "I am a Warrior," which is a joyful favorite.
Several testimonies emphasized receiving the three experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. One who testified said, "He [God] is my Daddy and I love Him so!” Another mentioned the earthquake which had occurred earlier in the day. She said people around her were shaken up, but she felt the presence of the Lord and knew He was in control. A school teacher told of her children getting under their desks during the earthquake, and said she was thankful God was with them. Another said she felt led by the Spirit of God to pray for her sister. Later, she found that her sister had come close to having a car accident. She was thankful for God's prompting and His protection.
Brother Mark preached using 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 as a reference Scripture. He said we are all in a race that has many winners. To win the Christian race we need to evaluate our lives and lay aside things that would hinder. We must be determined to look ahead and not let things of the past, such as grudges, weigh us down. He said that if we do these things, we will someday hear God say to us, "Well done!" A prayer meeting followed with many voices lifted up in earnestness to the Lord. Afterward, there was a time of greetings and fellowship.
Wednesday evening found us in Kingston for a meeting. The singing was sweet and lovely. During the testimonies, one woman told how the doctor ordered surgery for her eye, but for some reason she put off having it done. Then she decided to go to a different doctor, and he told her there was nothing wrong with her eye. If the surgery had been done, she would have lost her sight in that eye. Today she is praising the Lord. Another woman said the Lord turned her life around when He saved her, and a man testified that he was undone, but the Lord reached down to him and helped him.
The sermon was taken from James 5:7-12, and an exhortation given that we must be patient and endure with hope, for the Lord is coming soon. We also heard that having patience does not equate to inaction; we must work for the Kingdom. Most importantly, we must make sure we are ready, because Jesus is coming soon!
For the Thursday evening service, we traveled to our church in Spanish Town. The congregational singing was sweet and heartfelt. Then the local choir sang a lovely song. Testimonies included one who said God has been her guide and her provider. Another woman said she has proved God to be her provider and her healer. One woman relayed that when she thinks of the Good News of Jesus, she says, “Hallelujah for saving me!” Another woman testified that she had heard God was good, and was not disappointed when He saved her!
For the sermon, Brother Mark took his text from Proverbs 3:13-14. He said God has given promises in His Word that we can claim, and He will reward those who diligently seek Him, but our petitions must align with His will and be for His glory. When we pray in faith for God's will, we receive His blessings.
We traveled into mountain territory again on Friday evening to Spring Vale and the little church there. We experienced joyful singing. Then one person testified, “I was wretched and blind. Thank God for the Blood of Jesus!” That one found deliverance at salvation. One woman said that as a backslider she had once prayed for God to allow something bad to happen to her if she would not surrender to Him. Things did begin to go wrong, and she felt conviction and responded by praying, and God saved her. Another woman said she was a Sunday school girl who received salvation. Life has not always been smooth sailing, but she knows she will experience a safe landing. One simply testified, “I am feeling good in Jesus!”
Brother Mark preached from Hebrews 2:1-4, saying we must be earnest about our spiritual walks, and careful not to allow it to slip. He said to spend time in the Word, in prayer, and in God’s house to better recognize warning signs and heed them. He also said that receiving the foundational spiritual experiences will anchor us. Prayer followed and then a time of greeting the brothers and sisters in Christ.
A ministers’ meeting was held on Saturday morning, and was attended by most of the Jamaican pastors. A presentation was given on the Tabernacle in the wilderness and how it portrays the three basic spiritual experiences. There was a feeling of unity among the ministers during the meeting.

The Worthingtons have returned home safely along with the others, and sent this final note about the trip: “We had a wonderful time with the saints in Jamaica. We were also blessed by the testimonies and songs of our accompanying team members. There was sweet unity with the saints as we all worshiped together. There was also love as we greeted and were greeted personally. We felt that together we are part of a wonderful world-wide church family!”

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