India Congregations Experience God’s Provisions

From the Superintendent's DESK

Families from our congregations in the Andhra Pradesh region of India rejoiced on Christmas day as they gathered at the headquarters church in Kaikavolu. They were not only thankful for our Savior’s birth, but for gifts they received in celebration of that event. Through donations, God made it possible for Pastor Raju Rayudu and his wife, Suvarna, to hand out warm blankets to 170 families. In addition, each child was given a wrapped gift to take home and open. The blankets were especially needed as many in our congregations are elderly and this winter has been one of the coldest they have experienced in years. In the services held since then, the testimonies have brought out how thankful the families are for all that God has provided, including these blankets and gifts.    

On New Year’s Day, the saints in India rejoiced again as they met at the headquarters church for a combined service. The sermon focused on the end times and being ready, and at the close, more than one prayed through to salvation! Following the service, nine recent converts expressed their desire to be baptized in water, including some who had just prayed through. A water baptismal service was held for four from Kaikavolu, four from Pedapudi, and one from Durganagar. Afterward, Brother Raju said, “We are so blessed to know that these have been added to the family of God and we pray they will seek their deeper experiences.”  

We too pray for these recent converts that they will become grounded in the faith. We also join the saints in India in rejoicing over God’s provisions of salvation and comfort.

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