God Remedies an Unstable Roof in India

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Pedapudi congregation in India is rejoicing in the construction of a new church, which they hope to dedicate by the end of October should the Lord tarry.      

The new building is much needed as seventeen families have been added to the congregation since the Spring of 2020. This has increased attendance from fifty to ninety, which is more than the old building can accommodate. For some time, services have been held with a portion of the congregation standing outside, watching through the windows.       

Initially, it was thought that the lack of space could be remedied with an addition to the existing church. However, at the start of construction in January it was discovered that the roof was cracked and unstable. There was a danger of it falling in, so services had to be halted. When it was clear that the roof could not be repaired, the saints began to pray for a solution. God answered by providing funds to build a new church with the addition. 

Construction began in April, and God supplied a good team of builders and workers, causing the work to go much faster than expected. When the front doorpost was put in place, the pastors and their wives gathered. They prayed that all who entered through it would feel the Spirit of the Lord and give their hearts to Jesus.

There is much interest in the building project among the families in the neighborhood. The congregation is seeing God’s hand at work and prays the new church will help add many more souls for His Kingdom.

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