Ghana Work Moves Forward with Enthusiasm

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Ghana portion of my trip began on Friday with a morning service at the Takoradi church. I arrived with the delegation from Western and Central Africa (WECA), and though it was a weekday, just over one hundred were waiting to greet us. Many were children waving flags as the whole group sang “Happy Welcome” accompanied by a violin and trombone. Two young children presented bouquets of flowers and then we went inside.  

The service began with selections from the choir and orchestra followed by congregational singing and prayer. The children then presented a program of songs including “We Welcome You.” A formal welcome was also given by the Ghana District Superintendent, John Bekoe, and during the service gifts were presented to us. When the service closed, it was noteworthy how the children prayed afterward!

A workers’ meeting was held on Saturday morning for ministers and Sunday school teachers with about one hundred in attendance. The meeting included a presentation on the progress of the work in Ghana. It was reported that currently three churches are under construction. Also, construction has begun at the Ghana headquarters location in Accra on a five-story housing complex.

Following the presentation, acknowledgment and appreciation were noted for the organizational structure and expansion. At the same time, the ministers and workers were reminded that even more important is to be men and women of high ethics and personal character, or as Paul described to Timothy and Titus, to be blameless. The workers were encouraged to focus on having strong families and to keep their personal lives and finances in order and above reproach in every way. We all left encouraged that the work will continue to move forward with enthusiasm.

On Sunday, the delegation from WECA and I attended services at Aplaku, the Ghana headquarters church in Accra. Sunday school began in general assembly with the choir singing “Let Your Living Water Flow.” They also sang “They that Wait upon the Lord,” featuring a female soloist. Then the elementary school children marched onto the platform singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and presented a welcome program of songs, recitations, and a skit. Among the songs they sang were “Welcome to Ghana” and “Keep Close to Jesus.” At the close, they marched back to their seats singing “Our Father and Our God.” Following this, everyone was dismissed to classes by age and language to study the lesson on “David Spares Saul’s Life.”

The morning devotional service was attended by over seven hundred, and was highlighted by special music. It began with an orchestra prelude of “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” featuring a male vocalist. Then the choir sang in the Akan language “Suo Mo Mu,” which translates as “Hold Me.” Following the congregational singing and prayer, the choir also sang “His Love Can Never Fail.” Before the message, a male quartet sang “Old Paths.” The sermon text was taken from Luke 7:24-26 and brought out that the people may have gone to the river to see John the Baptist, but what they needed was to hear his message: “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight” (Luke 3:4). The altars filled quickly following the service, and we enjoyed a good time of prayer.

Today, I am in Abuja for a presentation on the work in that region of Nigeria.

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