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Blessings Abound as Ghana Camp Meeting Concludes

September 13, 2022

From the Superintendent's DESK

Since arriving at the Ghana camp meeting on Wednesday, I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm for the Gospel. The messages, testimonies, and music have been inspiring, and the response around the altars has been good. The camp meeting concluded on Sunday, September 11, after a final weekend that included a water baptismal service for ninety-one converts. I am now scheduled to return home and expect to arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Here is a report of the full second week of the camp meeting, sent by the Ghana Country Leader, John Bekoe.

Sunday, September 4
The second week of camp meeting began with a children’s program during the general assembly before Sunday school. The students encouraged the congregation that the Lord has descended with His mighty hand to revive His people, heal sickness, and deliver from the bondage of sin. Following the presentation, everyone was dispersed to classes to study the lesson titled “Isaiah’s Message to a Backsliding People.”

Devotional Service
The morning devotional service was attended by over twelve hundred, which was the highest attendance to date. The message was taken from 2 Corinthians 13:5 and Revelation 2:5 and was on the topic of “Overcoming Hindrances to Personal Revival.” The listeners were reminded to examine their hearts and lives for need of repentance or revival.

Tuesday through Thursday Teachings 
During the week, teachings were given on the topics of “Sanctity of Marriage,” “Overcoming Faith,” and “Endurance Race to the End.” On Thursday, several texts were used for the message, including Hebrews 12:1-2. Believers were enjoined to continue in the Heavenly race, knowing that a glorious reward awaits those who finish. They were also encouraged to free themselves of any encumbrances that would impede forward movement.

Tuesday through Thursday Evangelistic Meetings
Inspiring messages were heard each evening, including on Thursday when the topic was “Complete Victory.” The text was taken from Joshua 10:12, which is Joshua’s prayer in for the sun to stand still, enabling the Israelites to defeat the five kings allied against them. The preacher challenged the audience to tarry and pray until they received salvation with victory over sin. He said complete victory is possible through the Blood of Jesus.

Throughout the meetings, people stood to give praise to God for what He has done in their lives. Among the testimonies, one brother from Aplaku said that after he received salvation, God reminded him of a restitution that needed to be made. It was difficult to make, but God helped him. Afterward, he was able to pray through to sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  A sister from Takoradi praised God for helping her learn how to play the trumpet even though she did not have a formal education. Now she has been part of the choir and orchestra for over twenty years. A brother from Kumasi glorified God for His power and protection over a false religion. He came from a family of eight but four died mysteriously, one after the other. When his immediate elder sibling died, he perceived this was a curse and that he could die next. At this time, he was invited to an Apostolic Faith meeting, and he surrendered all to God. The Lord saved him, both spiritually and physically, and has kept him for fifteen years.

Ordinance and Water Baptismal Services
In the morning on Friday, ninety-one were baptized in water. As the new converts walked down into the baptistry, an orchestra played on the platform above them and saints encouraged with loud “Amens.” It was heartwarming to see an overwhelming number of young people getting baptized. We pray the Lord raises up workers from among them and keeps them until His return. In the evening, nearly eight hundred participated in ordinance services to commemorate the Lord’s Supper and the washing of the disciples’ feet. It was a good time of fellowship.

Final Devotional Service
The Sermon on the final Sunday was taken from Psalm 128: 1-6, which includes the words, “It shall be well with thee.” The preacher exhorted sinners and saints alike to surrender all to God that it might “be well with thee.” He said the Bible promises deliverance from sin, healing for afflictions, and strength in times of trial.

The services over the past two weeks inspired and challenged many, including those who watched online through the Ghana website ( Following each service, worshipers prayed, and the Lord truly blessed. By the close of the camp meeting, nearly one thousand had reported receiving something from God. This included 167 who were saved, 73 who were sanctified, 37 who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and 198 who were healed. We give praise to God for His generous blessings and mighty works.  
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