10 Receive Salvation in the Dominican Republic

From the Superintendent's DESK

Tim DeBusk, Director of Eastern Caribbean Work, and his wife, Lisa, recently returned from visiting our churches in the Dominican Republic, and gave this report of their trip:

We arrived on Tuesday, January 28, and the next evening had the privilege to visit the Km 13 de Las Americas church in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The church service was led by Andres Bido, the pastor, and was highlighted by beautiful music. Everyone enjoyed music specials provided by a ladies’ choir, a men’s choir, and a fourteen-voice children’s choir. Then a ladies’ trio, consisting of a mother, daughter, and granddaughter, sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” in perfect harmony, and in English. The service closed with a wonderful blessing—two prayed through to salvation! Not only that, but we learned that a few days before our arrival, eight who attended a service at the Nigua church in San Cristobal also prayed through!

On Thursday evening a service was held in Ingenio Quisqueya where Gledwin Mills is the pastor. His daughter, Ruth, directed the choir as they sang several selections including “To God Be the Glory.” Following the congregational singing and prayer, several testified. Among those was Heriberto Martinez, a board member and pastor of our Residencial Romana church. He said the Lord delivered him from a life of sin, and has kept him for many years.

The next evening, we went to the El Brizal church in Boca Chica where Ada Salado is the pastor. Though Sister Ada is only forty-eight, she has been a pastor for twenty-one years. To open the service, the choir sang several numbers accompanied by a trumpet soloist. Then a visiting choir from the Andres church, also in Boca Chica, sang. The choir director, Jose Hogan, directed them in four-part harmony, and everyone enjoyed hearing “Master the Tempest Is Raging” and “Gloria.”

A board meeting was held on Saturday in the mission house at the San Pedro de Macoris church, pastored by Edwin Gilfillary, who is also a board member.

We attended the Sunday morning devotional service at our Nagua church where Noemi King is the pastor. There was a sweet spirit felt on the meeting, and once again, we were blessed with beautiful music. One sister sang “The King Is Coming,” and then another testified of how this song has given her great hope. Following the service a lunch of fish, rice, bean soup, and coleslaw was provided for all. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time of food and fellowship.

Each service was such a blessing. The music, testimonies, and prayer times around the altars were just wonderful. And we rejoice in the ten who recently prayed through to salvation!

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