April 24, 2023

Short Takes Summer 2023

Daybreak Curriculum for South Korea

Reverend Jeong Min Kim, District Superintendent of South Korea, recently finished translating two more months of Daybreak devotionals into Korean. The Daybreak series is a chapter-by-chapter study of the Bible, which eventually will include three years of daily devotional commentary.

In addition to translating, the South Korea headquarters church in Seoul has also acquired equipment for print production. Once each translation is complete, a team of workers prints, trims, and binds the material in lesson books, and then ships them to our six churches in South Korea. On April 4, Reverend Kim said, “I am happy to be able to make two monthly meditation books and distribute them to each region in Korea. Everything is by God’s grace. Please pray for us.”

Consolidation of Eastern and Southern Africa into One District

On April 13, during the East Africa Camp Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, a decision was made to redraw some Apostolic Faith geographic boundaries in Africa. The decision was the result of a discussion between Reverend Isaac Adigun, District Superintendent of West and Central Africa, Reverend Onias Gumbo, District Superintendent of Southern Africa, and Reverend Boniface Banda, District Superintendent of East Africa. The three district superintendents together concluded that all will benefit by consolidating the Southern and East Africa districts into one district, with headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe. That means Zambia, as well as Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, will all be combined with the many Southern Africa countries to form one Southern and Eastern District. Reverend Gumbo will be the district superintendent, and Reverend Banda will continue to lead the work in Zambia and work with other East Africa countries in coordination with Reverend Gumbo.

We thank God for the unified approach that Reverend Gumbo, Reverend Adigun, and Reverend Banda have taken. As they continue to labor together and follow God’s order, we know His blessing will follow.

Peru Remote Meeting Touches Hearts

The first combined remote meeting among the Apostolic Faith groups in Peru was held on April 15. The meeting was hosted by the Combayo church and included brethren from Iquitos, Peru, as well as Brazil, Chile, and the United States.

Throughout the meeting, music was provided by the Peru congregations. A testimony was shared by Rick Olson of Tucson, Arizona, who had visited Peru in 2012 and 2014. He told how he was once addicted to marijuana, but when he gave his life to the Lord, a radical change took place inside him and he no longer wanted sinful things. Later, he was asked to work in the printing department for our church headquarters in Portland, and he was thankful to have worked there for twenty-one years.

The message was given by Reverend Sam Ajayi, Director of South America Work, who took his text from Luke 19:1-10. He drew a contrast between how the Spaniards treated the Inca King Atahualpa, and how Jesus treats mankind. The Spaniards sacrificed others to become rich, while Christ sacrificed Himself to make us rich. At the close of the meeting, everyone was encouraged to seek the Lord and receive spiritual riches from Him.

This gathering was an encouraging start for the bi-monthly meetings in Peru. We pray that through this medium the Gospel message will continue to touch hearts from the Andes to the Amazon of Peru.

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