January 27, 2023

Short Takes Spring 2023

Installation of Philippines District Superintendent

On Sunday, January 8, Fernan “Roque” Fiegalan was installed as the Philippines District Superintendent at the Bagong Sikat headquarters church. During the service, East Asia Director Bill McKibben spoke of the Biblical process for choosing a leader and the qualifications that person must meet, including being called. He then presented Brother Roque, describing him as a man of integrity who is faithful and loyal to God, the Apostolic Faith, and leadership. The congregation voiced their support with hearty amens, and then the platform ministers and Board of Trustees laid hands on the new district superintendent and prayed for God’s blessing on his leadership and family.

Reverend Fiegalan has served the Lord in a variety of ways, including as pastor at several branch locations. Most recently, he was an associate pastor at the headquarters church, assisting the late District Superintendent Joey Ruiz. We pray God will help him in the days ahead and continue to bless the work in the Philippines.

Country Director Appointed for Pakistan

An Apostolic Faith work in Pakistan began in September 2021 with a young Christian named Shabeeb Nadeem joining one of our Canada churches for online services, and then translating Apostolic Faith sermons into Urdu and distributing them. With God’s help, he obtained a visa to travel to Zimbabwe and attended the Southern Africa Camp Meeting in December 2022. At that time it was determined that the work in Pakistan would be overseen by our Southern Africa headquarters, and in January of 2023, Felix Panganayi of Zimbabwe was appointed country director for Pakistan.

On January 12, five from Pakistan gathered in Toba Tek Singh for an online introductory meeting with Reverend Panganayi. The group established a plan of action, which included visiting different communities to hold Sunday services and preaching repentance, surrender, and salvation. They were also given instruction on how to conduct Sunday school using the Search curriculum.

Following the plan of action, on January 26 two Pakistani brothers traveled to Warispura, Faisalabad, to hold a service. They reported, “By the grace of God, we have seen the amazing power of the Holy Spirit working in this city. Many people have come to Jesus Christ and received salvation. We hope to see many more saved.” The next day, a group from a nearby village requested to hear the Gospel message. A team of six went and held a worship service with them, encouraging the people to repent and enjoy the blessings of salvation. The team distributed Bibles and one in attendance remarked, “Now Jesus, the Light of the world, will come into our homes and lives, and we will be saved.” The people were happy to receive the Bibles and requested that the team return regularly to teach them more.

Nigeria Flood Relief Continues

Severe flooding caused catastrophic damage across Nigeria in October and November of 2022. Over 1.5 million people were displaced and some 50,000 homes and buildings were totally destroyed, including many of our saints and churches in the southern region of the nation. In addition, tens of thousands of hectares of farmland were also lost, drastically affecting local food supplies and livelihoods.

Relief for flood victims came from our churches worldwide and was organized and distributed by the Apostolic Faith regional headquarters in Port Harcourt. Food packages were sent out in October, November, and December of last year. Teams were also sent to assess damages incurred on church properties, and now plans are underway for replacing and rebuilding. In addition, aid will be provided to help families restart their lives. The saints in southern Nigeria thank God for providing shelter in the time of storm.

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