Good News from Around the World

February 18, 2023

Good News from Around the World

Pastors from our worldwide churches regularly send reports to the Portland headquarters about how God is working in their locations. These are a few that came in recently:

Roddickton, Newfoundland, Canada: On October 23, Pastor Michael Ivany had come early for the Sunday evening service. However, by the time the congregation began arriving, we were told he had gone home again due to the weakness of his body. The service went ahead, led by our District Superintendent, Brother Chris Hewlett. During the testimonies, Brother Michael was mentioned multiple times as he was upon many hearts. Brother Chris then gave an invitation to come forward and pray on behalf of Brother Michael, and also encouraged all who had a need to step out. Nearly all of the congregation stood in front of the altar, a “wall” of believers, and quite a few were anointed with oil and prayed over. What a prayer meeting followed! There was no preaching, as a spirit of prayer was felt among the church family. A sister had been sharing the service virtually with Brother Michael and his wife, and soon they both walked into the church, Brother Michael claiming a touch of the Master’s hand. It was indescribable! We praised God and the bountiful blessings continued. The night ended with the song “I’ll Praise My Lord Forevermore,” and what a volume of voices for this song. It was an amazing time of victory. – Canada Churches Winter 2023 Newsletter

Ntema and Napesha, Malawi: From November 10-13, we held an open-air program in Chief Ntema Kraal’s grounds, and people from the surrounding villages came through for services. Many enjoyed the altar services, including Chief Ntema herself, who attended all services. Many came forward and were prayed for, for various ailments. The response in Ntema village encouraged us to have another open-air service in Napesha village. We had Chief Napesha attending this whole program as well. All services were well attended, with three saved, one healed, and many blessed. They all gave wonderful testimonies, including Chief Napesha. We thank God for prayers and blessings received. – Chris Nketah, District Superintendent of Malawi

Sanpetru-German, Romania: We are happy to inform you that recently six souls surrendered to the Lord Jesus in our Sanpetru-German church. Four women and two men. The four women were saved on Sunday, February 5, the day after Brother Harlan and Brother Jeff visited the church. One of them, Rodica Mosu, has several health problems. She is sixty-seven years old and wheelchair bound. Brother Harlan and Brother Jeff were able to return on Monday, February 6, and hold a water baptismal service for her at her house in Munar, a small community next to Sanpetru-German.

On February 16, following our Thursday evening service, two more came forward and were saved. We rejoice that we now have five more candidates for another water baptismal service should the Lord tarry. – Benjamin Paschal, Sanpetru-German Group Leader

Key West, Florida, United States: This past Sunday was amazing, and I wanted to give the good report. I have been praying about our altar call. We do it every Sunday and all the kids come down to the altar, but it seems to have become a habit. I felt led to do something a little different yesterday and petitioned the church to pray with me the week before. On February 5, I finished the message and then asked all the kids to stay at their seats, and I asked for just one soul who wanted to begin a new life as a Christian. Then one young boy (he is nine years old) came forward. We pulled the altars together and we got down and began to pray with him. I don’t know exactly what happened as I was in prayer, but more and more began to come and by the end of service we had six children in total give their lives to God. After prayer ended we had another testimony service where our new Christians all came forward and gave their testimonies. There were tears and hugs everywhere. It was only God that could do something like this! We are overjoyed! – Rebekka Ashe, Key West Group Leader

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