September 24, 2019

October 2019 Viewpoint

Children and youth who are reared in Christian homes have great advantages, one of which is obtaining a measure of Bible literacy. In contrast, I was Biblically illiterate until age twenty-one! Except for attending a week of Vacation Bible School as a youngster, I was not exposed to the Bible. I did not own one, nor had I read one. Scriptural accounts that my own children began to learn as toddlers were foreign to me. A while after my conversion, when assigned to teach a Sunday school class of five-year-olds, I was learning Bible stories for the first time while some of my students had already heard them multiple times in their homes and at church. They should have been teaching me!

Even with the advantages of being taught, there comes a point where we must determine to learn. There is a distinction between the two. In teaching, the burden of responsibility falls on the instructor. In learning, it rests primarily upon the student. Our Daybreak and Discovery curriculum is designed to aid users in a textual approach to Bible study. It is true that this material effectively teaches. More importantly, it provides an enormous opportunity for those who are determined to learn.

Unlike most contemporary material, this devotional and study curriculum is rooted in Wesleyan holiness theology. Rather than justifying or apologizing for spiritual failure, its Biblical frame of reference is that Jesus not only forgives past sins, but He delivers and keeps from spiritual failure in the future. “Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them” (Hebrews 7:25). The Bible teaches that there is complete victory in Jesus!

It is not too late to begin in our current quarter of study material, which covers the Books of Luke, Acts, James, Galatians, and Romans. The daily Daybreak lessons can be accessed easily through our app and on the Daily Devotional page of our website, where you can also subscribe to have the lessons sent to your email inbox. The corresponding weekly Discovery lessons will be posted on our Sunday School page. Read this article for details about how to take full advantage of this learning opportunity.

Just think, if you join us for this unit of Daybreak and Discovery, in only thirteen weeks you will have a better grasp of five books of the Bible! This is far too good of an opportunity to pass up. The time you spend immersed in God’s Word will enrich your life in every way.

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