October 1, 2014

Accepting God's Plan

In this issue of Higher Way, you will find the sermon God’s Prescription for the Sick and Afflicted. Have you ever wondered why every ill person who follows the instructions in James 5:13-15 is not healed? For example, further on in this same issue, we read of one individual who was healed and of another who was not. Before Marble Mfandarahwa was married to her husband, Mark, she was severely beaten by strangers and left for dead (read their testimonies). She and her future husband prayed for her speedy recovery after applying God’s prescription of being anointed with oil by the ministry, in the name of the Lord. Miraculously, within three weeks Marble was completely well. A few years later, the two of them followed the same process but had a different outcome when their young son became critically ill. Though they again followed the instructions in God’s Word, the child remained sick until he died six years later. That brings the question: Why are some people healed while others are not?

We can answer by simply responding, “We don’t know.” Yet, that answer can be qualified by adding that God’s sovereignty is in play. When we pray for anything, God wants us to subject ourselves to His greater plan while acknowledging that we often do not know exactly what His plan is. However, we are confident that His way is better than our way, so we want His will even if we never understand it. We are assured that when He wants us to know His purpose, He will disclose it. If we do not learn it entirely during this life, we are satisfied to know that in the life to come, what needs to be clear will be clear.

Though we often do not know why God heals in some instances and does not heal in others, we do know that our bodies are designed to deteriorate. We are mortal, and in that sense, corruptible. Yet we, along with Brother Mark and Sister Marble, have a hope. At the Rapture, those of us who continue to live for Jesus will be changed. In an instant, in the time it takes to blink the eye, “...the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (1 Corinthians 15:52). At that moment our bodies shall become incorruptible. The Mfandarahwas will see their son once more, and will be reunited throughout eternity.

Along with all our literature, which is available free throughout the entire world, this issue of Higher Way magazine is designed to inspire you to experience God for yourself. As you do, you will share in this heavenly hope.

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