May 13, 2019

A Millionaire without Money

As a child, I lived in a mission house where my grandfather was a minister and the Bible was read almost every day. From a young age I learned to love God and to pray earnestly.

One night, while just a young girl, I dreamed that I was inside a pure white cloud with Christ. He opened a bit of the cloud to show me what will happen on earth at His return, and I saw people who were so confused, not knowing which direction to flee from the coming King of kings. It was terrible. When I awoke from the dream, there was a new prayer in my heart for God to lead me to a church that preached the Bible doctrines in their fullness. Not completely understanding what that meant, I just knew I wanted to be with Christ at His return, like I had seen in the dream. My other concern was that I wanted power to overcome childish sins. I wanted to live a holy life, but did not know how to do it, though I understood it was not something that could be bought with money.

I heard testimonies of a born-again Christian experience. What I heard that day touched my soul, and I went home determined to receive that experience for myself.

One year during a school holiday, I went to visit my aunt in Polokwane, South Africa, about three hundred kilometers from my home. Little did I know, that was where God would answer my prayer! My aunt had already been saved, sanctified, and baptized with the Holy Ghost. She took me to a women’s meeting at an Apostolic Faith Church, and though I was playing behind a door during the service, I heard testimonies of a born-again Christian experience. What I heard that day touched my soul, and I went home determined to receive that experience for myself.

There was no preacher in my area to tell me about being born again, but I prayed one day anyway. I believed that with or without a preacher, God would do it for me if it was real. I felt that Christ was coming very soon, so I prayed desperately. Just before midnight, I heard a soft Voice confirm that my sins were forgiven! I opened my eyes and there was no one there, but the room was so bright, filled with God’s glory. Tears of joy rolled down from my eyes! Soon, though, tears of sorrow began to flow as I thought of my family members who were trying so hard to worship God, but without direction. Since I was just a child, I did not think they would believe me if I told them about the true salvation I had discovered.

When I stood up from praying, I could feel the difference in myself. I was a new creature—no more stealing sugar and other childish sins. My family noticed the difference too, as did people at school, especially my headmaster.

Miraculously, the Gospel reached my whole family and they all started praying for salvation. Our house turned into a place of prayer. Whole days were set aside for fasting and long hours of prayer; pots were turned upside down because there was no cooking. As I continued seeking God, He sanctified me and baptized me with the Holy Ghost. My family also testifies of these experiences. The neighbors wondered at what they saw happening in our home, and respected what God was doing there.

The work God started in our family grew from a house, to a classroom, and then to a church site. God raised up workers, and nearly every weekend was used for outreach, with God doing wonders wherever we went. The Gospel fire reached some of the townships that had not yet heard the Good News.

At school, I was surprised at the power God could give to a young girl like me to live among other youths without committing sin. 

At school, I was surprised at the power God could give to a young girl like me to live among other youths without committing sin. God gave me the strength to testify to my classmates during free times, and that would satisfy my soul. As a young person, there were many things that seemed appealing, but looking back now, I can say that I never regret spending most of my time in God’s house and working for Him. It really pays to follow the instruction in Ecclesiastes 12:1, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.”

As I grew older, I was totally devoted to working in God’s fields, to the point that when an opportunity for marriage came to me, I had to pray earnestly to be convinced it was God’s will, and He showed me that it was. God blessed my husband and me and helped us through every challenge we faced as a family. Here are some examples, just to share a few.

Having children. At a Tuesday evening service in October of 1985, a sermon was given about having faith. The minister instructed us not only to ask, but to thank God as if we had already received what He had promised. As the Word went forth, I believed God promised to give us a baby boy, and when I went to the altar of prayer, I thanked Him for a baby boy. After the service, I shared this with my husband. The following day, I also shared it with my colleagues at work, and even asked one of them to accompany me to the bank to open a one-year account for my son. I did not do it for the financial benefit, but to show my faith in what God had promised. As I filled out the paperwork, I did not hesitate to state the gender as male and the age as zero years. Nine months later, on August 5, 1986, a healthy baby boy was born.

Our son was followed by four healthy girls, all very close in age. By God’s grace, I was able to raise them and take care of our home while still performing my duties at church. I never had sleepless nights due to sickness; a few times they had a cough or an upset stomach, and when we prayed for them, they were healed in Jesus’ name.

Times of hunger. At one point, we had no food in the house. We prayed and God confirmed to us that He would provide in a miraculous way. The following day, someone whom we had not seen in years came and dropped off all that was needed. To this day, I have not seen that person again.

Through situations like these, our children learned that faith can move mountains. Once, when one of my daughters was home alone, she couldn’t find the mealie meal [corn meal] in the bin but God provided after a short whispered prayer. She could not wait to tell me the testimony when she saw me, and I really thanked God that my children were learning to love and trust Him.

Providing a warm home. When our children started complaining because our house was too cold in the wintertime, I called them together in one of the rooms and we told God that we were feeling cold. In a few days’ time, our employer changed our health coverage, and the savings resulted in a payout to the employees. The amount we received was exactly what had been quoted for the materials and labor for a new ceiling. Truly, I consider myself a millionaire without any money in my pocket.

All these testimonies and many more are proof that God answers prayers.

All these testimonies and many more are proof that God answers prayers. I have witnessed and I am still witnessing the fulfilment of Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I have learned that when we put God above all else in life, He gives the strength to accomplish all else in life. He is a provider, healer, protector, comforter, supporter, husband to the widow, father to the fatherless, and much more.

My husband was a minister in the Gospel, and he was a loving, caring, and faithful husband until God called him home in 2004. When he passed away, he left me in God’s hands, and I often forget that I am a widow because of God’s good care. The words of Isaiah 54:5 have been true in my life, “For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.”

I was a youth who overcame sin, I was a wife and mother who overcame sin, and now I am a grandmother and I am still overcoming sin. It is not through my might or strength, but because of Jesus Christ, my Savior. My desire is to be one who not only hears the Word, but who also does it. My constant prayer is that more souls should be won for Christ and that I should see my Savior at the end of my journey. In everything I do, may God be glorified.

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