FAQ #7

What is a worker?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a worker? Is a person who does a ten-minute object lesson once every three months a worker who needs to fill out a form?  Is a musician or soloist who has no contact with minors a worker?

A worker is anyone who has been asked to participate and/or perform a responsibility as a representative of the Apostolic Faith organization. Workers undergo a careful screening and selection process to ensure that they are spiritually qualified and otherwise suited for participation in church work. They are required to read the Volunteer Handbook and the Procedures Guidelines for the area where they will serve, and to fill in a Worker Application form.

Some examples may help clarify. A person who does a ten-minute object lesson for the congregation once every three months would be considered a worker, while a handyman hired by the church to mow the church lawn would not be considered a worker. A person who is asked to help with cleaning the church or serving at a church fellowship dinner would be a worker (even though he/she participates only occasionally) but the person hired to do occasional maintenance on a church vehicle would not be a worker.