Church Greeters Portland

Procedure Guidelines

Greeters are an important part of the hospitality ministry of the Apostolic Faith Church. Working in conjunction with the ushers, they often are the first people to interact with visitors, so they form a major part of the initial impression that visitors receive. Greeters have an opportunity to “set the tone” of the organization, and to help first-time attendees feel comfortable and welcomed in an unfamiliar environment.

Staff Requirements

Greeters for the Apostolic Faith Church must complete the following requirements:

  • Read the Apostolic Faith Church Volunteer Handbook.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the contents of this document.
  • Fill out and submit a Worker Application form upon completion of all training requirements.

Greeters should also be prepared to fulfill on an ongoing basis any additional training or recertification requirements established by the Apostolic Faith organization.


Greeters for the Apostolic Faith Church are responsible to:

  • Be available to greet visitors twenty to thirty minutes before the session or service begins.
  • Wear a greeter identification nametag.
  • Smile and take the initiative in welcoming visitors before and after worship services.
  • In conjunction with the ushering staff, open doors and offer assistance to guests who have disabilities or need accommodation for wheelchairs, walkers, etc.
  • Answer questions regarding the location of Sunday school departments, restrooms, lost and found, etc.
  • Offer welcome packets and distribute programs.
  • Receive visitor information cards and make sure they are given to the headquarters office for recording.
  • Offer visitors who have challenging questions about doctrinal matters or church policies the opportunity to meet with a minister.

Emergency Procedures

If greeters have concerns about any individual or situation while on duty, they should notify the head usher or the Church Emergency Responder (CER) who is on duty.  (During church services in the sanctuary, the on-duty CER will be seated near the door closest to the Security Office). Follow that individual’s instructions related to any emergency situation.