Outreach Efforts: Literature

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Outreach Efforts

Those who are committed to the Gospel of Christ feel an urgent need to share it with others. In the history of the Apostolic Faith work, many different approaches have been taken to present the message of truth.

Indicative of the importance placed upon this responsibility, the first paper printed in Portland carried this account: “The saints have been praying for the sick, visiting the hospitals, Poor Farm, preaching in the jail and on the streets, a continuous round of work. The Mission has never been closed, except during the camp meetings, and meetings afternoons and evenings never have stopped.”

Since 1913, workers have delivered religious literature to men on board the ships.

Literature Outreach

The distribution of Gospel literature is an outreach method in which many in the organization participate on an ongoing basis. Free tracts, magazines, and invitational flyers are available in all Apostolic Faith churches, and the congregations are encouraged to take a supply with them to hand out whenever they have an opportunity. Old and young alike avail themselves of these publications for personal evangelism. A survey taken in 2001 showed that over eighty percent of the Portland congregation had personally given out Gospel literature. On occasion, teams from the church have done neighborhood canvassing. Literature is also regularly distributed in conjunction with other types of outreach ministries.

A young man reads a Gospel paper in his native language of Korean.