Isaac, Son of Promise

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Isaac, Son of Promise


Genesis 24:1 through 26:35

“And the Lord appeared unto him the same night, and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father: fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham’s sake.” (Genesis 26:24)


The covenant God had made with Abraham — to create from Abraham’s descendants a great nation through which He would bless the world — was passed on to the next generation through Isaac.

Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah when the patriarch was one hundred years of age, and his wife was ninety. Their choice of the name Isaac (which means “laughter”) for this long-awaited miracle child no doubt reflected their joy at his birth. His very existence was a testimony to God’s power to make His promises become a reality.

An obedient and trusting son, Isaac was willing to follow his father’s instructions even when obedience seemingly would lead to his own death. As a young man he showed a desire to commune with God and to trust the Lord to choose his wife. When it became apparent that his wife Rebekah was barren, he interceded in prayer for her to bear a child, and he prevailed in that request.

God blessed Isaac and he became very great and powerful among the inhabitants of the land. His patient and peaceful manner caused him to avoid strife, and made those who would be his enemies seek peace with him.

Isaac chose to follow his father’s faith and to do his part in obedience to God. Because he did so, he is listed among the heroes of faith (Hebrews 11:9).


  1. Often the account of the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22:1-24 focuses on Abraham, but it is interesting to study this passage from Isaac’s viewpoint. Although his age at this time is unknown, many Bible scholars believe he was between twenty-five and thirty-six years old. Since he was able to carry the wood for the sacrifice (verse 6), he certainly was old enough to resist being bound as a sacrifice. However, there is no record of such resistance. What convictions and qualities might Isaac have seen in Abraham that caused him to submit to impending death?
  2. Isaac being offered as a sacrifice is often compared with Jesus being crucified. In what ways were Isaac and Jesus similar? In what ways were they dissimilar?
  3. When Abraham was old and “well stricken in age” he gave the responsibility of choosing an appropriate wife for Isaac to a trusted servant. Where was the servant sent to find a wife? Why do you think Abraham felt it was so important that Isaac not marry one of the daughters of the Canaanites? Genesis 24:1-9
  4. Abraham’s servant asked God for a specific sign that would identify the woman who would become Isaac’s wife. What was that sign, and what does the outcome teach us about God’s guidance and care? Genesis 24:14-20
  5. Where was Isaac and what was he doing when Rebekah first saw him? What conclusion might we draw from this? Genesis 24:63-64
  6. What conditions was Isaac to meet in order to obtain the blessings of God’s covenant? Genesis 26:2-5
  7. Genesis 26:7-11 recounts how Isaac wavered in his trust of God’s protection in the face of potentially perilous circumstances. Why is wavering so dangerous?
  8. What ongoing problem described in Genesis 26:12-22 did Isaac face? What did Isaac’s response to the herdsmen of Gerar reveal about his character? Genesis 26:18-28
  9. What key lessons can we apply to our lives based on a study of Isaac?


Like his father Abraham, Isaac was a stranger and pilgrim in a foreign land. He was a vital part of the divine plan that eventually produced the Hebrew nation, gave us the Bible, and brought Jesus Christ into the world as the Savior for all mankind.