Sowing the Gospel Seed in Paraguay

From the Superintendent's DESK

Sam Ajayi, Director of South America Work, and his wife, Shade, have been visiting the saints in Misiones, Argentina, but on Tuesday they crossed the border into Paraguay and spent the day there. Brother Sam sent this report of their activities:

Over a number of years, an interest has developed in reaching Paraguay with the Latter Rain Gospel. This interest has been aided by the fact that Encarnación, the third largest city of this small nation, is less than a ten-minute drive across the Paraná River from Posadas in Misiones.

While in Argentina this week, a window opened within our schedule, so with the guidance of the Spirit, Shade and I took a train ride to Encarnación, which has a population of nearly 150,000. Our intent was to saturate part of the city with Gospel literature. We spent a whole day canvasing parts of the city, and the Lord really prospered our way. We were grateful for the warm and friendly reception by the people, and for their level of interest in the Gospel.

We met a number of people who readily gave their contact information and expressed interest in the development of this faith in their city. One of these was a store keeper. When a tract was given to him, he accepted it, but was quite forceful in his response. At first, we mistook this as a protest against passing out literature in his store. However, he actually wanted many copies of tracts so he could give them to his customers.

We are so thankful for the door the Lord has opened in Encarnación, and pray that many will come to embrace this Gospel and live to please the Lord.

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