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Leaving Bulawayo Inspired by Faithful Commitment

December 6, 2023

From the Superintendent's DESK

As the Southern and Eastern Africa camp meeting has continued this past week, John Musgrave and I have enjoyed the fellowship of the saints during a variety of activities.     

On Monday, December 4, we attended a pastor and spouse brunch. It was held on the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Green Gables High School. This is a Christian boarding school established by the Apostolic Faith Church in 2010. Before the meal we received a tour of the facilities, including a dorm building that has yet to be renovated and one that has been completed. Other improvements have been the remodeling of the administrative building and the main dining and meeting hall where the brunch was held. 

The camp meeting event staff did an outstanding job in hosting the event. The tables and hall were wonderfully decorated, bringing to mind the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. After everyone was seated, the 280 guests were welcomed, and appreciation was expressed for their commitment to the Gospel and support of the work. A brief message of encouragement was also shared, and we enjoyed a great meal.

In the early afternoon, a workers’ meeting was held at the Bulawayo campground with about 310 in attendance. The session topic was the meaning behind the name “The Apostolic Faith.” The workers were exhorted to emulate the faith of the Apostles and Early Church by adhering to Bible doctrine. There was an inspiring response to the message from the workers, including requests for printed materials with expanded information on the subject.  

In the evening, the 2023 Southern and Eastern Regional Camp Meeting Concert was presented. Organized by Music Director Precious Bosha and directed by Teno Bosha, the concert featured musicians from Botswana, Zambia, and local branches. The large number of talented musicians and choristers were a testament to a commitment to service. The violins were represented by a solo of “Divertimento,” played by Mutsa Maposa, and a duet of “Twelve Little Duets” performed by Nancy Nyadongo and Precious Nyandoro. We heard several vocal solos, including “O Holy Night” sung by Mutsa Maposa and “O Thou that Tellest” sung by Bridget Mwape. In addition, a men’s group, women’s group, and acapella group sang. In all, a joyful noise was made unto the Lord.

The next morning, the teaching began in the tabernacle with “Amazing Love” played by the orchestra. Following the congregational singing, which included “Higher Ground,” the opening prayer was led by Grey Thibela, South Africa Board Member. The service continued with a vocal solo sung in the local language by Shumiral Banda. Then several testified of God’s power to save, sanctify, baptize with the Holy Ghost and give victory.

Before the message, Rebecca Macharangwandasang “Touching Jesus.” Then, taking his text from Matthew 4:17, Brother John focused on a message of “Repentance.” He said that with repentance, there are no short cuts, but a full surrender will be worth any cost. He reminded all of the joy that takes place in Heaven during the camp meeting over every soul who repents. The service concluded with a good response at the altars.

In the afternoon, a service was held for children, but attended by those of all ages, including parents and teachers. The children enjoyed singing and reciting Scripture and then heard a message from one of the teachers. Afterward, they gladly prayed when invited. We thank God for the wonderful Gospel heritage that can be passed on to the younger generation.

The evening evangelistic service began with an organ prelude of “Does Jesus Care?” The congregational singing encouraged believers with such songs as “My Anchor Holds” and called after sinners with “Why Not Tonight?” For the message, Isaac Adigun, the Western and Central Africa District Superintendent, took his text from Joshua 10:12-13. He said the God of Joshua is present at the camp meeting and has power to deliver from all sin. He said no one should settle for partial victory when they can have complete victory through true repentance and forgiveness of sins. He encouraged all to repent and be truly born again to receive full victory. A good altar service concluded the meeting.   

The Wednesday morning teaching began with an orchestra number, “God Is Love” and featured a violin ensemble. After the announcements, the Zambian choir sang joyfully in a local language. Then before the message, Zaigham Nadeem of Pakistan played the piano while singing in Urdu a heartfelt, “The Name of Jesus.” The message was delivered from John 3:9, the account of Nicodemus coming to Jesus with questions, and focused on the importance of being born again. There was a good time of prayer following.

Following the morning teaching, there was a brief meeting for country leaders and board members, and delegates attended from fifteen countries.    

The evening service invited God’s blessing in song, testimony, and message. The choir sang “Heaven Came Down” and the congregation sang “Sing Praises unto the Lord.” Sixteen testified to God’s saving, healing, and keeping power. The message was delivered by Edmond Makwiramiti, the Lesotho District Superintendent, who took his text from Revelation 3:7-8. He said Jesus sees when His children are distressed whether from illness, financial strain, or other circumstance, and He opens a door for them. In addition, He opens a door for each sinner. The congregation was given the assurance that when Jesus opens a door, no man nor the enemy can close it. Everyone was invited to the altars to pray and pass through their open door, and there was a good response.        

Brother John and I are now preparing to depart for home. We have appreciated God’s presence felt during all the services and pray many hearts will be drawn to salvation as the meetings continue.       

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Southern and Eastern Africa Regional Camp Meeting
December 3-17, 2023