Chile’s First Remote Combined Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our congregations in Chile are hoping to meet bi-monthly for combined meetings held remotely, and the first one took place on Sunday, April 10. One of the participants, Savannah Lee of Portland, Oregon, sent this report:

Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by Sam Ajayi, Director of South America Work. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and names from Chimbarongo and Limavida, Chile; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and London, England. The participants were comprised mostly of the Chilean brethren and those who had been to Chile on missionary trips. Although we were not all in one place, we enjoyed gathering once again.

We were blessed hearing the Chimbarongo church start the service by singing a few songs while playing guitars and mandolins. Following this prelude, the congregations were led in singing “Permíteme, Señor” (Allow Me, Lord) and “Mi Dios Es Real” (“My God Is Real”).

Eladio Retamal Vasquez, the Limavida pastor, led us in prayer. Then Rachel Friesen of Seattle gave her testimony. She mentioned that she was born into a Christian home and saw the Gospel lived out in front of her. As a young girl, she was afraid of the dark, but learned at church that Jesus could take away her fears. One night, she put this to the test and prayed, asking Jesus to help her. He did help, and she got saved! She also shared her thankfulness to God for being with her at every point in her life.

The leader of our work in Chile, Israel Gajardo Monardes, gave the Scripture reading from Matthew 28:1-10. Then, before the message the Limavida saints provided a special. A group including some young kids sang “El Rey de Reyes Es el Señor” (“The King of Kings Is the Lord”).

Brother Sam preached from Luke 22:54-60, saying that some of Christ’s followers turned away or watched from afar when He was arrested before being crucified. They would have been in agony when He died and experienced a time of spiritual crisis. However, after Jesus arose, they ran back to Him. Brother Sam said the Resurrection was a time of spiritual renewal for them, and it can be for us also. He said that anyone who has been walking afar off during the pandemic can make the Easter celebration of the Resurrection a time of rededication. He closed by saying that Jesus told His followers to meet Him in Galilee, and we can do the same. He encouraged everyone to meet God at our “Galilee”—the altars.  

We had a good prayer meeting following the service, after which Brother Israel led the closing prayer.

Brother Sam anticipates a similar remote meeting arrangement in the near future for our saints in Peru and Brazil, should the Lord tarry.

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